A testimonial about ear-cleaning establishments


There are many kinds of establishments in Japan where women provide some kind of service to clients. Some of the most accessible are perhaps the so-called “ear cleaning establishments”. Here, women in traditional dress clean the ears of clients–an act that is considered a sign of intimacy in Japan. Ear-cleaning establishments enjoy an enduring popularity in the country.

I would like to talk about my own personal experience visiting an ear-cleaning establishment. The establishment I went to was inside Yokohama station. There are not that many ear-cleaning establishments around, so some readers may already know which establishment I am talking about. If my description sounds interesting, I would like for you to pay this establishment a visit as well.

Please note that there are some ear-cleaning establishments that also provide services of a more sexual nature. The establishment I review here offers only ear-cleaning services.

Reasonable priced and accessible

One characteristic of ear-cleaning establishments is that they are very reasonably priced. A 30-minute session cost me ¥‎2,000, which is a very acceptable amount of money for most people.

As the name might imply, an ear-cleaning establishment focuses on cleaning the ears. The workers may be women, but these establishments are not part of the sex industry in any way.

Brothels are places where prostitutes provide services aimed at satisfying sexual desires. They do this while nude or partially nude. However, women in ear-cleaning establishments do not take off any clothing. Touching the chest or lower body of female staff is strictly prohibited. Take care not to confuse these establishments with brothels!

The woman I selected as my ear-cleaning attendant was a college student who did this work as a part-time job. She was a very cutesy girl, which is just my type.

I was in my late twenties when I visited this establishment, and I remember thinking that ¥‎2,000 to have a female college student in traditional dress clean my ears was really a bargain. For those who want to enjoy activities of a more sexual nature with a naked woman, an ear-cleaning session would obviously not be very satisfying. Personally speaking, however, I found the experience pleasurable.

Finding comfort on a girl’s lap and thighs

The first time I used this kind of service, I walked straight into the establishment without a prior reservation. As I arrived, I heard the sounds of conversation that indicated there were already several male clients in the process of having their ears cleaned. I remember thinking that the establishment seemed to be quite popular.

From a list of girls who were free at that moment, I chose one whose picture looked very cute.

When you arrive at a brothel, the experience often begins with some hygienic measures, as clients are directed to the washrooms so that they can clean their hands and gargle with mouthwash. Because ear-cleaning service does not require the client to use his hands or mouth at any point, such preparations are not required.

This makes the whole experience more accessible, which I found quite agreeable. Some men also avoid brothels because they are afraid of catching venereal diseases, but ear-cleaning services pose no health risks whatsoever.

Next, I met the girl who would attend to me and greeted her. Then the ear-cleaning session began in earnest. I put my head down in her lap so she could clean my ears, and felt blissfully happy with my cheek resting on her thighs.

One slightly regrettable part of the procedure was that my face was covered with a towel while the girl cleaned my ears. This meant I could not see her face while she was attending to me. Dozing on a girls’ lap and thighs was very peaceful, but the towel detracted from the experience a little.

Enjoying conversation with a girl

One thing I liked very much about the ear-cleaning service was that I could focus on simply enjoying a conversation with a girl, with no sexual activity getting in the way. Conversation flowed smoothly during my 30-minute session, and I got some very interesting insights into the life of a female college student.

The girl told me that besides her job at the ear-cleaning establishment, she also worked part-time at a restaurant, all while studying on top of that. She told me about her studies, her jobs, and her private life, and listened to my stories about my own work. It was a very comfortable half hour.

Because our conversation flowed so easily, I found myself wishing I could ask for her phone number. However, exchanging contact information with the staff is forbidden at ear-cleaning establishments. Obviously, a girl might ask for a client’s contact details simply because the establishment needs that information for business reasons. However, I was not asked for my contact details.

At the end of the session, the girl poured me a cup of tea, and we tied up the loose ends of our conversation. The 30 minutes were over before I knew it.

As an aside, I had my ears cleaned for half an hour, but I have no idea how clean they actually were in the end. I’m sure they were spotless, though. Personally speaking, I found it satisfying to just talk with a girl.

I would say that ear-cleaning services are perfect for those who simply want to enjoy a pleasant conversation with a girl. The price is very reasonable as well, so do give these services a try if you are at all interested.