A personal experience with cheap delivery health in Nagoya


Delivery health, a service where you can order a girl by phone and have her delivered, has been popular in Japan for quite some time. There are also a wide range of prices, from very cheap to high-class clubs. This time I would like to share a personal experience from a very cheap delivery health club in Nagoya.

The going rate for average delivery health in Nagoya is about 15,000 JPY for 60 minutes. The service I used cost a total of 10,000 JPY for 60 minutes, even cheaper than the median rate.

Finding very cheap clubs on the internet

The reason I tried a very cheap delivery health club was that I heard about a personal experience from a friend. One day a buddy who enjoys sex clubs excitedly told me “Yesterday, I called a delivery health girl, and she was amazing.”

I had only ever gone to physical sex clubs where you entered a building and followed their system to receive services, so I was interested in trying out delivery health. I decided to take a vacation day from work and try out a delivery health service.

While checking an online sex club portal site, a club that advertised a complete 60-minute package including designation fees for only 10,000 JPY caught my eye. It was far cheaper than the going rate in Nagoya, and I felt that it would be a good first club to try out a delivery health service, so I checked all the details.

Even if the cost is cheap, there’d be no point to it if there wasn’t a girl I liked. There were many girls working at the club, and I found one who matched my preferences. I looked over her photographs and liked the fact that she was well endowed with an 88 cm bust.

I decided to rid myself of fatigue from my job and drown myself in those giant tits, so I made the phone call.

The guy on the phone sounded to be middle-aged, and was polite. He told me the girl was currently available. I told him that I would like her to come to my private residence in one hour.

When ordering delivery health, you can choose whether you want the girl to come to your private residence or a hotel. Since I was on vacation, I chose to call her to my place. You should also be aware that choosing to deliver her to a hotel will often result in addition charges of a few thousand Japanese yen.

I felt that the services were hit-or-miss

The girl arrived after one hour and was escorted to my door by a male staff member. I paid the fees, let the girl in, and began play.

However, I clammed up when I saw her for the first time. Her actual appearance was completely different than her photograph on the homepage. The photo was of a petite girl with large breasts. Although her breasts were big, she was rather plump.

Since my expectations were crushed, my feelings ended up showing on my face. The girl was sensitive enough to pick up on the reaction and laughed, telling me I was an honest guy.

I found myself feeling that very cheap clubs were hit-or-miss. Despite being plump, though, the girl was fun and had a very kind personality.

We took a shower together, and, with me having been disappointed by the disparity in appearance, I didn’t get to knead giant breasts with my hands as I had hoped. Instead, I had her give me oral sex, and play ended in about 20 minutes.

The girl had worked in the sex industry for about five years, and had a lot of experience. So, the oral sex she gave me, in itself, was a rather pleasant experience.

I got information from the girl

After play was finished, I used my remaining time to have a conversation about the sex industry with her. The girl liked to talk about anything and everything, so I figured I’d try to get some real information on sex clubs.

She told me that, in addition to this delivery health service, she was also employed at another club specializing in plump girls. She also said that she was making a living off of being designated from a number of different clubs. I thought that any given club girl could only be employed by a single establishment, so this news surprised me a bit.

The girl also gave me the names of two delivery health clubs that employed many beautiful women, but they were both high-class establishments. In addition, she decisively told me that “You tend to get what you pay for.”

We had a nice, lively conversation. When she left she told me “I was a little shocked when you were so disappointed by my appearance, but thanks for treating me well after that.” From my experience with this girl from a very cheap delivery health service, I realized just how important it was to treat any girl with respect and politeness.

In this way, the affordability of cheap delivery health can be very attractive, but there is no meaning in services that won’t satisfy you. It is very important to select clubs and girls that are right for you.