A personal experience with high-class delivery health in Nagoya


One of the most popular sex businesses in Japan is delivery health, where you can call a girl that you like to your location. Depending on your location and price range, the quality of the girl and service can vary. I will now share a personal experience with high-class delivery health in Nagoya.

In Nagoya, the going rate of standard delivery health is 15,000 JPY for 60 minutes. High-class delivery health is about twice that price, around 30,000 JPY for 60 minutes.

The quality of the girls is high

As one would expect, the high price tag of high-class delivery health comes with the assurance that many of the girls working for the service are also of high quality. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the level of the club that I used ranked in the top class of sex clubs in Nagoya. There is a wide selection of girls to choose from to satisfy your preferences such as cute girls, slender girls, tan girls, etc.

In the case of cheap clubs, the girls that actually arrive tend to look completely different than the photographs posted on the sex club’s website.

These touchups are often called “panel magic,” and are performed on photographs using computer-based image editing software to excessively beautify girls’ faces.

There is no panel magic, though, in high-class delivery health. They introduce themselves in vivid photographs and videos. So, the girl who comes looks exactly as she appears on the website.

When I met the girl for the first time, I found myself striking a triumphant pose inside my heart. She was beautiful, and was exactly as I had hoped and expected.

With high-class delivery health, you can add a variety of options, but I requested only general play.

First we took a shower and sat down for a conversation to lighten the mood. From there, we began play, and I kissed her and fondled her. She then began to play with my nipples and finished with oral sex.

Although it was only general play, I was very satisfied. The most important thing was that the girl was extremely cute. I ordered 60 minutes of service, but it honestly felt very short. I felt that it might be a good idea to stop going to other clubs and increase my usage time of this service to 120 minutes or 180 minutes.

The staff was also extremely polite

The staff of the high-class delivery health club I used was also extremely polite. This type of club doesn’t cater to average men, but rather to top-tier individuals from a wide range of areas such as high-level corporate professionals, executives, and even people from political/financial circles. As a result, a high level of service is also demanded from the staff members.

In my case, I chose to call and have a girl sent to my residence. On the phone, I was taken care of by a staff member who spoke very politely and asked about my preferred play time and girl. He also asked whether the location was a hotel or private residence. After answering all of his questions, I was asked to make another call 1 hour prior to the start of play.

I placed another call 1 hour prior to play as requested. After final confirmation, a girl was dispatched. She arrived at the time I requested, and a staff member escorted her up to the door of my residence. From there, I let her into my place and we began play.

You can make a membership card

High-class delivery health clubs will also issue membership cards. Even average sex shops will pass you a business card with a message from the girl written on the back, but this card had a more premium feel to it. It was plastic with golden print.

Also, so that people won’t notice the card if they see your open wallet, it’s designed so that you can’t tell it’s a delivery health card by just catching a glimpse of it.

High-class delivery health takes good care of each and every customer. By issuing membership cards, they are managing customers so that they can provide even better services.

The club that I used offers discounts if you tell them your membership card number, and they also provide online content on their homepage for members only.

In addition, they don’t just pass you the card, they take the care to offer it in a protective sleeve. This also provides a premium feel to the process. Having felt such a sense of superiority and prestige, I found myself falling for these high-class delivery health services.

Because of the high price, I can’t use high-class delivery health very frequently, but I would really like to use the service again. It also provided me with motivation to work hard at my job.

If you are looking for a superior level of quality, or if you just want to reward yourself for working hard at your job, I highly recommend trying out a high-class delivery health service.