A personal experience at a show pub building in Osaka


A number of different kinds of sex clubs exist throughout Japan, but there’s a building in Osaka where you can find some particularly unique establishments. All six floors of the building are made up of show pubs, places that offer services where women put on floor shows. Not only can you watch the shows, but you can also enjoy time with the girls as in other sex clubs, which is making these establishments a hot topic among hard-core fans.

I will now introduce one of my personal experiences at a show pub building (Sakuragawa Apollo Building). Due to busts and closings, the clubs here are replaced at a rapid rate. In effect, this particular establishment may not be in business when you visit, but please use this experience for your reference.

A neon building nestled within a residential community in Osaka

I found out about the show pub building when I was working in Osaka. When I was out drinking with a colleague of mine from work, I asked him if he knew any interesting sex clubs around town. That’s when he introduced me to this building.

According to my colleague, every floor of the building, from the basement to the sixth floor, was operated as a show pub. He stated that shows were put on in each club, and that they were actually enjoyable. He also noted that there were private rooms inside the clubs where you could enjoy different kinds of play sessions, but he hadn’t experienced those, yet.

This peaked my interest, so I headed off to the general location with my colleague, where we enjoyed some drinks. We drank at the Namba region of Osaka, which is relatively close to the building we talked about. We rode a tax, and I could’ve sworn that the driver smirked when my friend told him the name of the building we were heading to. It must be a fairly well-known establishment.

The taxi ride didn’t even take 10 minutes. We got off at a quiet residential area, and I wondered to myself “Is there really a sex club in a place like this?” After walking for a bit, however, my uneasiness vanished. A building covered in neon lights (the Apollo Building) sprang into our field of vision, located near Osaka’s Sakuragawa Station.

A show pub with topless dancing girls wearing only G-strings

Approaching the building, we saw a man wearing a black uniform, who we believed to be a staff member, standing in the entrance way. Just as my colleague had described, all of the floors, from basement level to the sixth story, were show pubs. There were also regularly-held events such as cosplay gatherings, etc. And, according to the staff member, “All of the floors have incredible clubs.” I was getting more and more amped up as we continued.

We checked the clubs by peeping in from the outside and entered what appeared to be the most crowded club on the second floor. Upon entering the club, I was stunned. All of the women walking around the club were topless, wearing only G-strings. There was also a stage, where about 15 women were dancing topless.

Fees were 9,000 JPY without a time limit. Alcoholic drinks after the first were an additional charge, but soft drinks were all free.

All of the men around me were also having a good time, and the atmosphere of excitement was a stark contrast to the outside. My excitement was also reaching high levels.

I was particularly impressed with the girls’ appearances. In actual sex clubs, there tend to be a number of unattractive women. All the girls at this show pub, however, were cute, and there were also a number of them who were well-endowed. Just looking at these girls was obviously not enough, and I asked my friend if he wanted to play with one. He reached into his wallet, took out a 1,000 JPY bill, and called out to a girl he seemed to have his eye on.

He slipped the bill into the girl’s G-string. She said “Thank you!” in a heavy Kansai accent and rubbed her big breasts all over my colleague’s face. Then, other women in the area started to move in, too. One after the other, they all pushed their breasts against his face. He was obviously enjoying himself and let out a sigh of pleasure.

At that point, I figured I had no choice but to participate, too. With about 5,000 JPY in tips, I was able to enjoy a number of women’s breasts. I once again realized that the springiness of a woman’s breast varies from woman to woman.

Moving on to playtime in the private rooms

After our boob fest, we decided to try out the private play rooms. The private rooms start at 3,000 JPY for the first 3 minutes, and an additional 1,000 JPY for each additional minute. Both my colleague and I started off by handing over 10,000 JPY for 10 minutes of play. These rooms can easily become very expensive if you lose track of time.

I designated my favorite girl from the floor and entered a private room. Play services, themselves, were nothing out of the ordinary: kissing, breast groping, etc. I was starting to undo my pants so that she could perform oral sex on me, but she said “Sorry, but that’s not allowed.”

After enjoying so many big breasts and the private play room, I was about ready to explode. That’s when play ended. My friend also had a similar experience, and, needless to say, we both masturbated once we returned to our homes.

I honestly wasn’t satisfied with the private play room, but I was very satisfied with the show pub, itself. This made me like the city of Osaka even more than before.