The origins and charm of Tobita Shinchi


Tobita Shinchi is a brothel district in Osaka, and one of the oldest in Japan. This area originated as the Tobita red-light district during the Taishō period.

In current times, this area is treated as though it is a culinary district made up of restaurants. In reality, however, this area is famous for being a brothel district made up of sex clubs. Even middle school students in the vicinity know that it is no culinary district. The women gathered at Tobita Shinchi are attractive, even when compared with the numerous brothel districts in Japan. Many of the women here are working to repay debts, so it is possible for clients to enjoy a true amateur experience.

Furthermore, this district is operates under Tobita Shinchi’s rather special system, which ensures that the appearance of the women remains at a high standard. Let’s examine how this system works.

The Japanese restaurants of Tobita Shinchi

Tobita Shinchi is a district formed by the linked eaves of quaint row houses. Almost every club located in these row houses is operating with a business permit for running a restaurant. This peculiarity stems from the fact that, when the red-light district was abolished by the Anti-Prostitution Act, the name of the area was changed to the Tobita Culinary Union.

In order to operate sex clubs under the banner of a restaurant coalition required a number of false pretenses. Even now, Tobita Shinchi’s system is very unique.

When you enter the club, you will be guided to the second floor. There, you will be served a tiny snack. This is what they are calling “cuisine.”

The girl who serves the client his food is called a “waitress.” While serving the client, the two fall in love with each other and engage in sexual activity.

As I’m sure you’ve figured out, the “waitress” is actually a sex club girl. In other words, the acts transpiring at Tobita Shinchi’s restaurants are actually individual acts of free love between waitresses and clients.

False pretenses are also used at other sex clubs such as soaplands, but using the pretense of a restaurant is a bit unique.

The working women of Tobita Shinchi

A number of attractive women work at Tobita Shinchi, but many of them originally lived in regions other than the Kansai region. Most of these women incurred debt for some reason or another and decided to work off the debt at a sex club. However, in order to avoid being found out, they moved to the Kansai region, where they don’t have many relatives.

Since olden times, Tobita Shinchi has a long history of taking in women who could only make a living by selling their bodies. The same remains true even now, and many merchants are willing to assume those debts and provide housing, etc. along with sex club jobs.

Why the girls are so attractive

However, the condition for repaying their debt is to be successful at their work. Whether or not they earn money is up to them. This condition might be alright for women who can work towards their goal of repaying debts, but is extremely difficult for unpopular women who do not sell. Sadly, women whose earnings are unsatisfactory cannot compete in Tobita Shinchi’s meritocratic society and are destined to exclusion.

On the other hand, women with satisfactory earnings move to the front of the line, so, to put it another way, only attractive women are left. The structure of Tobita Shinchi’s society ensures that unattractive women are quickly expelled and attractive women remain. This is the reason that there are so many good-looking women at Tobita Shinchi.

There are many amateur-type girls

Since many of these girls are trying to pay off debts, they are working because they have no choice, not because they are interested in providing sexual services. However, they have to perform their job as well as possible. This emotional conflict leads to the client seeing them as innocent, and results in an amateur-type experience.

Another thing to note is that sessions at Tobita Shinchi clubs tend to be short, about 15 to 30 minutes. This may be an expression of the girls’ feelings that they want to keep the time they interact with male strangers as short as possible.

Soaplands also offer actual intercourse. In the case with soaplands, though, there are a variety of services such as the girl bathing together with you, massages, etc. Girls at Tobita Shinchi do not offer these types of services and jump right into intercourse. In effect, the system does not suffer from the sessions being so short.

The attractiveness of the girls at Tobita Shinchi is an appealing aspect for the clients. Knowing Tobita Shinchi’s background leads to an immoral feeling that can make the experience even more exciting.