Can you engage in actual intercourse when using delivery health?


Delivery health is a service where you can have a girl delivered to your hotel or private residence. In principle, actual intercourse is prohibited. However, there are cases when you can engage in real intercourse when using this service.

In general, actual intercourse is prohibited in Japanese sex clubs, so you won’t find any club that advertises real sex. This is why you must directly negotiate with the girl in order to engage in intercourse. If a girl has sex with you on her own free will, the club has no involvement and the act would be implicitly accepted.

Actual intercourse is only possible through negotiation with the delivery health girl

There are absolutely no delivery health clubs that offer actual intercourse as a service because it would be illegal. If a sex club were found out, they would be busted by the police and forced to cease business operations. Soaplands are the only exception because of how they are able to allow intercourse by saying it is a matter of free love.

In this way, intercourse is generally prohibited, but delivery health doesn’t offer services at an actual club; the play takes place at a hotel or the client’s private residence. For this reason, the delivery health girls can use the cover story of having developed a close relationship with the client in order to permit sexual intercourse.

The delivery health club will also use the same cover story for any girl who had sex with her client, saying “The girl developed feelings for the client and engaged in intercourse on her own accord.”

The excuse that intercourse is not a service offered by the club is effective. Since intercourse is forbidden, the girl will not inform the club even if she engages in it. The reason is that she would be reprimanded and, possibly, would no longer be able to keep her job.

The two cases where a delivery health girl will offer to engage in actual intercourse are when the client offers to directly pay her additional money or the case that the woman actually develops feelings for the client. Since delivery health girls will not allow intercourse for just any male client, it is necessary to get along with her before entering negotiations.

Advice on direct negotiations with delivery health girls

The main point to engaging in intercourse with a delivery health girl is how you negotiate. You should bring up the topic after enjoying conversation and normal play with her.

You can say something like “You’re really cute. If I give you another 10,000 yen, would you let me inside of you?” The important thing here is that you communicate your willingness to pay her more money and that you don’t give the girl a bad image of yourself.

If there’s nothing in it for the girl, then she won’t agree to intercourse. There are cases when she will consider having sex with you for 10,000 JPY or so of additional money. Of course, she will not be providing a club service, but engaging in the act on her own accord.

Furthermore, I recommend giving up on negotiations if the girl is unclean, uninterested in talking, or is clearly being unsociable.

If the girl feels like she wouldn’t mind having sex with you, there is no problem with negotiating the act. However, if she feels repelled by the client she might take offence and call the club, telling them that you tried to have sex with her. After that, you might receive a warning, or, in the worst case scenario, be fined and reported to the police.

Forcibly making advances is absolutely not allowed

Forcibly making advances is absolutely prohibited. In such a case, services will immediately be terminated and you will be reported to the club.

In general, if you get along with the delivery health girl, and you’re joking with one another, I would recommend trying to negotiate. If, however, you’re not used to sex clubs and delivery health, there’s a chance things won’t work out, so be careful.

The most important points to check are that she’s keeping up her appearance, she seems to be enjoying herself, and that she is being aggressive with her play.

With delivery health, you can chose to call a girl to either your residence or a hotel. If you call her to your residence, your address will be made known to the delivery health club. Even though the girl won’t tell the club that she had actual intercourse with you, I still recommend trying these negotiations at a hotel, just in case.

In this way, although actual intercourse is not allowed by delivery health clubs, there is a possibility you can make it happen through negotiations. However, you need to use your own judgement before trying to negotiate with the girl.