Is it dangerous to give your phone number to an escort service?


When you use an escort service (called “delivery health” in Japan) to have a woman sent to a hotel or your home in order to have sex with her, you have to call the escort service in order to request a woman. If you have never used an escort service, you may worry about whether it is wise to allow that kind of business to have your phone number.

Let us take a look at how escort services handle client phone number.

Calling an escort service is essentially safe

If you call an escort service, you can assume that your contact information will not be abused. Nearly all escort services are safe to use. While male clients worry whether an escort service is trustworthy, the escort service itself is worrying whether the client is trustworthy. Knowing each other’s phone numbers help build trust.

An escort service’s regular employees never meet male clients face to face. There are many different kinds of sex businesses, and they are frequented by many different kinds of men. Inevitably, there will be some troublemakers among all these clients.

Most escort services will not answer calls from public phones, or calls where the number is withheld. They need a phone number to manage their client base, record a client’s service history, and store information about any problems with the client.

This allows them to identify problem clients. If an escort service sends a woman to a client who has caused trouble in the past, this can cause a great deal of trouble. To avoid this, escort services refuse to take bookings from known problem clients, or to even answer when such clients call.

In other words, escort services do not collect clients’ phone numbers because they want to misuse that information. Their actual goal is to ensure that their business can operate in a healthy fashion.

An escort service’s phone directory is not very valuable

You sometimes hear of phone directories full of client phone numbers being sold for money. People who are very protective of their personal information may worry that escort businesses are tempted to sell their clients’ phone numbers. However, the phone directory of an escort business is not actually that valuable.

This is because an escort service’s client base is very broad. The lists will also be polluted by the numbers of undesirable clients, such as people who use a pseudonym to contact escort services, or the aforementioned problem clients. There are of course clients who use their real name. However, compared to phone directories from other sources, an escort service’s phone directory will contain a lot of unreliable data.

If you use a good escort service, and use it properly, you will not get in trouble

There have been some incidents involving escort services that placed phone calls to their clients’ numbers. However, this kind of activity has very few advantages for an escort service. A man who receives an unsolicited sales call from an escort service will feel uncomfortable at best, and will not be more inclined to use the service.

When escort services conduct marketing activities towards existing customers, they do so almost solely through prostitutes whom the client already knows. When a client exchanges contact information with a prostitute, she may encourage him to use her services more often by sending him marketing emails.

You should also keep in mind that any bad reviews of an escort service spread like wildfire these days, thanks to the internet. If an escort service were to misuse its clients’ phone numbers, rumors would spread immediately. The service would lose so many clients that it may be forced to close entirely.

In other words, escort services are much more likely to hurt themselves than their clients if they misuse phone numbers. Very few escort services would even consider misusing the personal information of clients.

One reason why an escort service might contact a client is that the client has caused some kind of trouble with a prostitute. If a client forces a prostitute to have intercourse with him or acts violently towards her, the escort service will take steps to chastise the client. Clients need to be very careful to obey all the rules during a session with a prostitute.

If you are concerned about your phone number being misused, you should use only escort services that are listed on sex industry portal sites. These portal sites want to be perceived as trustworthy by their users, so they take care to only list legal businesses with a good reputation. They also list reliable escort services that you can use without worrying about anything.

In short, the very vast majority of escort services have no intent whatsoever to misuse phone numbers. They only use this information to increase the quality of their service. If you are hesitant about using a Japanese escort service because you are concerned about what might happen with your personal information, worry no longer.