What is the office of an escort service like?


One of the more popular services you can buy in the Japanese sex industry is what is commonly known as “delivery health” (deriheru in Japanese). This is essentially an escort service, where you can have a prostitute meet you at home or in a hotel. Escort businesses do not have physical locations where male clients visit. Instead, the clients call an office to have a prostitute sent to their location.

Because clients never have the opportunity to see such an office on the inside, many people probably have no idea how an escort business is managed. Let us take a look at what the office of an escort service is like.

These offices can roughly be divided into three types: the home type, office type, and no-office type.

Home type offices

When an escort business has a home-type office, it operates out of a room in an apartment. The room contains one to three desks, outfitted with computers and phones so workers can book appointments for clients.

Besides desks, many offices also have things like refrigerators, washing machines, and microwaves. In some offices, prostitutes can wait for a booking at a kotatsu (a Japanese desk that has a heater installed under it and blankets hanging from the sides, so that whoever sits at it can warm their legs).

Offices of this type are generally characterized by their cozy atmosphere. Women who are about to head out to see clients may be fixing their makeup or taking care of the sex toys they use during sessions. Some offices provide futons for prostitutes who have to stay overnight because a late booking has made it difficult to get home.

Many of these home type offices look like normal living spaces to anyone who wanders in not knowing it is the office of an escort business.

Office type offices

Office-type offices usually operate out of a room in an office building. The room tends to be divided in two in order to create one “office space” for desks with computers, and one “waiting room” for prostitutes.

Compared to home-type escort services, office-type services tend to pay more attention to their customer management. When a client calls, the employees immediately check whether the client has made use of their service before. The business keeps a detailed history of its previous dealings with clients, including the specific prostitutes they may have requested before, the place where the session was held, the place where the woman met the client, and so on.

Having this information on hand helps employees tailor services to a particular client’s needs.

If the escort service is particularly large, it may even own the building from which it operates. This may be a very smart-looking building that hides row upon row of desks where employees can take reservations from large numbers of clients in a well-organized system.

In this sort of company, the waiting rooms prostitutes use while resting or waiting for an assignment are also very well-appointed. Spotlessly clean floors, aquariums with tropical fish, a free drinks corner… Everything is done to give the women a comfortable working environment.

Companies large enough to own their own buildings are rare, but there are many escort businesses that use one room in an office building as their company space.

There are also escort services that have no office space

There are some examples of escort services that do not have office space at all. It used to be difficult to operate an escort service without a landline. Today, however, it is possible to take reservations from clients with only a cellphone.

In the past, marketing channels such as sports newspapers would often refuse to publish advertisements from escort services that offered only a cellphone number for their contact information; they required escort services to have a landline. However, this rule has now been relaxed, and newspapers also publish advertisements from services that do have only a cellphone number.

An escort service can now be operated by anyone who has a cellphone. Using a dedicated mobile phone, the owner or another person in charge of reservations takes calls from clients. The prostitutes wait at home until they get an assignment, at which point they head for the client’s house or a hotel.

This is how the three types of escort service offices work in Japan. The way the office functions is generally not very important for clients, but this sort of information is still good to know.