The difference between high-end and cheap “delivery health” services


“Delivery health” (escort) services come in many forms in Japan. Escorts can be had at a range of prices in every part of Japan. Clients can chose cheap businesses, high-end businesses, and anything in-between, depending on their budget and needs.

When a man is thinking of calling upon the services of an escort, choosing the right kind of business is very important. Knowing the differences between high-end and cheap escort businesses can help you choose the best option for your needs. That, in turn, will help you get the best experience possible.

The quality of the women in high-end businesses is different from that in cheap businesses

The greatest difference between cheap and high-end escort services is the quality of the women employed there. High-end services obviously have the best women.

Many high-end services use strict criteria to select the best possible employees. Such businesses frequently employ very beautiful women, or women who are so cute and charming that they would not look out of place as stars in a popular girl group.

There are also women who have experience as models or airplane cabin crew, and even porn actresses. The idea of having actual sex with a porn actress is irresistable to fans and connoisseurs of adult movies. High-end escort services essentially exist to make men’s dreams come true.

With cheaper services, sometimes clients get what they pay for in terms of the quality of the women. Some of them may be larger or less attractive than a client would really like.

Of course, most men do not deliberately choose to have sex with women they don’t find attractive. Escort businesses that have pictures of their employees on their websites will sometimes use image editing software to make the women look more attractive than they really are. This trick is called “panel magic” in Japan. The end result may be a picture that looks almost nothing like the actual person.

Some clients of cheap escort services report that they were disappointed when they actually met the woman they’d chosen, because she looked so different from what the clients had pictured.

Of course, cheap services employ some very lovely girls as well. When dealing with a high-end business, clients can rest assured that any woman they choose will probably meet their expectations. With cheaper escort services, it is best to assume that not all women employed by the business will be beautiful. The safest bet is to choose those women who rank highest in terms of popularity.

High-end escort services also offer longer sessions

Another difference between high-end and cheaper escort services in Japan is the length of the sessions they offer to clients. With cheaper escort services, sessions tend to last two hours at the very most. High-end services may offer sessions of up to three or four hours.

Of course there are some high-end services that do not provide sessions longer than two hours, but generally speaking, high-end services are more likely to offer longer sessions.

When male clients find a woman that they truly like, they are likely to want to spend as much time with her as possible, and high-end services try to respond to that demand.

Depending on the wishes of the client, that three to four hours can be spent entirely on sexual activities. However, three to four hours is also long enough to spend time with a woman like one would with a real lover. Clients can find a woman whose beauty is exactly to their liking, or an exceptionally cute girl, and then spend time with them to their heart’s content.

Cheaper escort services are usually chosen because of their price, and many clients “just want to get off”. Such clients do not mind shorter sessions.

High-end and cheap escort services both have their advantages. Clients should choose a service based on what they need.

With high-end services, the male staff is also of high quality

When dealing with a high-end escort business, clients can also expect excellent service from the male employees they may meet. Many high-end escort services charge more than ¥‎50,000 for a session. The clients who pay for such sessions are not just regular men, but also important business people and other “elite” customers.

In order to meet these clients’ expectations, high-end businesses train their male staff to be unfailingly polite and attentive. Japanese “delivery health” escort services do not involve the client visiting a physical establishment. That means clients will only come into contact with male staff on the phone, or when male employees accompany a woman to a client’s location.

High-end services nevertheless try to ensure that interactions with male staff members are as smooth as possible. These services also issue membership cards, which clients can use to get discounts or special member’s perks.

Of course the male staff members at cheaper services are also polite to clients. However, in my experience, the staff at high-end services tend to give a better impression when responding to inquiries or accompanying their female colleagues.

The way the male staff members conduct themselves is of course not directly related to how well the women provide service to clients. However, the entire experience feels more pleasurable when all staff behave in a highly professional manner, and high-end escort services excel at this.

These are the main differences between high-end and cheap “delivery health” services in Japan. Hopefully this information will help readers choose a service that suits their needs.