The sex industry is becoming more globalized


The fundamental part of the sex industry – satisfying men’s sexual desires – hasn’t changed a bit since olden times. The format of the sex industry, however, has transformed with the changing times. One such progressing aspect is globalization.

Globalization in modern society is progressing along with such phenomena as proliferation of the Internet. This is also related to the sex industry, and you can see the influence of globalization in a variety of areas. I will now explain about the globalization of the sex industry.

Incomes of sex club girls have decreased due to increasing competition

The number of sex clubs in Japan has increased along with the passing years. Along with this increase comes competition among clubs. In urban areas such as Tokyo and Osaka, and other places all over Japan, there are large numbers of sex clubs lined up in famous entertainment districts. And, all of these establishments are maximizing their creativity with respect to rates and services in order to remain competitive.

In order to keep profit without lowering rates, many clubs are striving to offer the best possible quality of services. There are also cases, though, where they are forced to lower their rates in order to compete with other clubs. Along with growing competition, cases where rates must be decreased are on the rise, and many sex clubs are now offering services for low prices.

Along with a decrease in profit comes the need to reduce personnel expenses. As a result, the income of club girls has been decreasing, and it has become more and more common for girls to be unable to get the money they need from club jobs, alone.

Going overseas to find a higher-paying market

Due to these reasons, there has been a recent increasing trend in the number of women who leave Japan to find sex-related jobs overseas. For sex club girls, their own bodies are objects with a price tag, and they will always seek clubs where they can sell themselves for even a little more money. Japan is obviously full of Japanese women, and competition isn’t just growing between clubs, but also between club girls. There aren’t many clubs overseas with Japanese girls, and many Japanese club girls are setting off for such locations.

A main cause for this trend is when the bubble collapsed in 1991. After the collapse, Japan’s economic growth slowed, and the income levels of Japanese households became more spread out. Since the economic situation of sex club customers worsened, the income levels of sex club girls were also affected. This has been continuing for a long period of time, and we now have a situation where the Japanese sex industry is engaged in a battle of ever-decreasing prices.

Japanese women are popular in places like the US and Australia. Many foreign countries like Japanese women because they appear younger than they actually are, and there are a number of cases where they can receive more income in such environments. Japanese women are even popular in China. In order to seek out countries where they can sell themselves for more money, club girls are leaving Japan for these other foreign locations.

An increasing number of Korean women are working in Japan

It’s not just a matter of sex club girls leaving Japan; there is also an increasing number of cases where Korean women are working at Japanese sex clubs. The Korean economy was thrust into a downturn due to the 1997 Asian currency crisis. Because of this, Korean sex club girls also began seeking out countries where they could earn higher incomes. One such country is Japan.

Korean women appear similar to Japanese women, and tend to be more attractive. This has led them to enjoy popularity at Japanese sex clubs. Japanese men can enjoy sexual play with them at lower prices than they would pay for Japanese women. And, since the Korean club girls are receiving a higher income than they would in their home country, it’s a win-win situation.

Some Koreans, however, dislike Japanese people. There are also a number of Korean sex club girls that dislike Japanese people, but ended up being scouted for club jobs and entered Japan anyway. Some Korean sex club girls are also leaving their home country for places like the US, Canada, and Australia.

In this way, globalization has been bearing down on the sex industry, and its impact is expected to expand in an accelerated way.

For men who continue to visit sex clubs, globalization means that they can enjoy sexual play with women from a variety of different countries. Sexual play with club girls from different countries will bring new excitement to the sex industry.