Characteristics of happening bars and fee structures


As the name implies, happening bars are clubs where “something” can happen. Although called “bars,” they are mainly sex clubs where sexual activity between men and women occurs.

Visiting normal sex clubs can also be fun, but happening bars provide yet another type of enjoyment. I will now introduce the characteristics and fee structure of happening bars.

You can enjoy sexual play with ordinary women

At normal sex clubs, you can only enjoy sexual play with the club girls working there. At happening bars, on the other hand, you can enjoy sexual play with ordinary women.

These establishments are fundamentally operated as bars, and are equipped with sofas and tables so that men and women customers can have conversations while enjoying liquor and other drinks.

In addition to this room with sofas, there is also a separate room, called a “play room.” If the atmosphere between a man and woman becomes intimate, the rules dictate that they move to the play room in order to make out or engage in oral sex and actual intercourse.

Actual intercourse at sex clubs is prohibited by law, but happening bars evade these laws by claiming no involvement in the sexual relations between the men and women. For this reason, intercourse is tacitly accepted. However, sexual acts are prohibited in public places, so sexual play cannot occur on the main floor of the club where alcohol is served.

Even though happening bars do not break any laws, they are still operating in a gray area. Because of this, the actual location of such clubs is not accurately listed on their respective homepages, and finding it can be a bit difficult. I recommend calling the club ahead of time.

Orgies can also occur

Happening bars are interesting because you never know what kind of sexual play you will experience. Men and women who meet for the first time converse while drinking alcohol. After getting to know one another, they engage in sexual activities. In most cases, sexual play is enjoyed between a single male and female couple, but there are cases where it turns into an orgy. Since this type of play cannot be enjoyed at other sex clubs, people seeking out new types of sexual stimulation visit happening bars.

There are many happening bars that have a periodic event day. During such events as cosplay day and S&M day, men and women sharing similar fetishes gather together. Since the people gathering during event days share common interests, things tend to lead to sexual activities.

Hostess bars and girl’s bars are other examples of sex clubs where you can drink alcohol. Happening bars, though, have a more energetic atmosphere, and, in some cases, the whole place is filled with a sense of excitement.

The fee system for happening bars

Even if you suddenly try to enter a happening bar, you won’t be allowed in; membership registration is required. You’ll also need to pay a registration fee, which tends to be about 15,000 JPY for men. At that point, you will also be required to have some form of identification such as a driver’s license.

In addition, there is also a usage fee required for entrance into the club. If one man visits the club alone, he will need to pay the same amount as the registration fee – about 15,000 JPY. If you visit the establishment as a couple, the fee is reduced to about 5,000 JPY.

Women can also visit happening bars, and they are not charged any registration fees or usage fees. This is to encourage interest among women to enter the club, and to encourage interest among men to meet the gathered women inside.

Drinks are usually free, with only a portion that cost money. Fees for weekdays tend to be cheaper than those for weekends or holidays.

Entering happening bars

Happening bars are usually difficult to locate and are operated rather secretly. In most cases, you have to pass through two sets of doors to enter.

The first set of doors is often locked. You can enter in a smooth fashion by first calling in, and then saying “I’m the one who just called” into the interphone. Once you pass through the first door, you will find a counter where you will need to present you membership card.

Newcomers will have to make a membership card before entering. Returning members just need to show their membership card to pass through the second set of doors.

Happening bars are places where it is possible to enjoy sexual play not possible at other sex clubs. However, club rules are stricter than those of other establishments. Despite that, there are many people who become enamored with happening bars once they experience them, and I also recommend you give one a try.