What made landmine-only clubs into popular establishments


There are sex clubs in Japan called landmine-only clubs. These are establishments that gather together only “landmine girls.” This classification includes fat girls, ugly girls, and old hags. Landmine-only clubs have become popular due to the impact of offering services from women whom men wouldn’t normally find attractive.

Men aren’t usually interested in fat girls or ugly girls. For this reason, it’s necessary for landmine-only clubs to make men aware of the attractiveness of their landmine girls. The success of such clubs lies mostly on the ability and effort of their managers (owners).

I will now introduce how one landmine-only club found success and became a popular establishment.

At first, the club only had one customer per day

The average landmine-only club has many days where only a single customer visits or no customers visit at all. Since men usually are interested in young, cute, and beautiful women, not many of them proactively seek out landmine girls.

Even landmine-only clubs that eventually find success were at one point happy to have one customer visit per day. One such manager (owner) who felt that such a unique concept would definitely succeed was troubled by how few customers there were at the start.

Many of the girls employed by his landmine-only club are fat women. A number of these girls weigh over 100kg, and they almost could be mistaken for a man. These women eat large amounts of food and sweat a lot. In summer, these women spend a long time in the office area, where they lounge around, making for a stifling environment.

A large number of men call the club up to ask what kind of girls work there. There were countless times when the owner would answer “Everyone’s either fat, ugly, or old,” and be told to “Fuck off!” before being hung up on.

Some of these landmine girls actually have very long careers in the sex industry. They would contact past male customers to have them visit the club and satisfy the minimum customer quota for the establishment.

The landmine girls began to get irritated because they couldn’t get paid

Many landmine girls would be unable to work anywhere other than a landmine-only club. With only one customer per day (two customers per day if they were lucky), the landmine girls would be unable to earn enough money to live off of. At first, they were able to bear it, but after a while they became irritated because they couldn’t earn anything.

The manager frequently updated the club homepage and would desperately explain his club to men who called with inquiries, hoping it would all lead to more reservations. However, it seemed that the harder he tried to explain the club, the more distant the customers became. Eventually, he started to update his page with idle complaints like “No arrivals today, either.”

However, the manager gradually became more defiant and changed the way he handled phone calls.

When asked if there were any skinny girls, he would answer “There are girls who want to be skinny.” When asked if there were any cute girls, he would answer “There are girls with cute personalities.” In this way, he would facilitate conversation by joking with the customers. By making the customers like him, he was able to get his foot in the door.

At first, this didn’t lead to a significant increase in reservations. However, as his relationship with customers deepened, he began receiving responses like “Well, now I’ve got no choice, so I’ll stop by” and “Since you’re honest with me about only having fat chicks, I’ll give your place a try.” It didn’t lead to a huge impact, but the manager felt that it was an important first step.

Faxes were what led to his eventual success

Even though a few customers started to visit the club, finances were still in the red. At this point, the manager started to become anxious and felt that, if things continued, the club would end up going bankrupt.

This is when he had an idea. He figured that no one would become aware of his unique concept if he just waited around. He needed to take action and get his club’s name out there. That’s what led him to the fax machine.

He began sending out faxes to companies with ties to the mass media such as sex club portal sites, sex club magazines, newspaper companies, publishing companies, etc. As a result, he started receiving calls from people who received the faxes and were surprised by the strong impact of his landmine girl concept.

Once he was taken up by one media outlet, requests for interviews started coming in one after the other. His landmine-only club didn’t really catch on for men who just want to enjoy messing around with girls; it became accepted by those who want new stimuli, those who want to try something new, and those who want to do some personal soul searching. That’s when the club’s popularity boomed. In this way, behind the success of this landmine-only club were the efforts of a manager that differed greatly from normal sex clubs. An important business lesson can be found in this story of success for this landmine-only club that no one felt could succeed.