Characteristics of a landmine-only sex club


There are countless types of sex clubs, but one that has recently gained popularity with its unique concept is the landmine-only sex club. Competition between sex clubs has become fierce, and it has become necessary to offer unique concepts in order to stand out. Mainstream clubs include amateur-only clubs and mature women clubs, but landmine-only clubs are a little more on the eccentric side.

There are eccentric clubs other than landmine-only clubs such as fat girl clubs, small breast clubs, etc. Landmine-only clubs, however, are at a different level. They have quite the impact, and only offer girls who you won’t find at other sex clubs such as fat girls, ugly girls, and old hags.

The concept is a club for people who want to quit sex clubs

Most men in this world want a woman who is cute or beautiful. Most men are attracted to a slim figure and younger women in their 20s. Landmine girls, however, are the complete opposite.

It may be difficult for some people to believe that this kind of sex club exists. One owner of a landmine-only sex club commented that he wanted to make a club for people who wanted to quit sex clubs.

When engaging in sexual acts with a landmine girl, you will find yourself feeling that all girls with whom you normally interact are cute. Most men who go to landmine-only clubs don’t go for fun, but rather to understand some kind of pain they are experiencing through sexual play with a landmine girl.

It is said that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. If so, then participating in sexual play with a landmine girl will definitely make you stronger. By overcoming this pain, you will begin to appreciate the other women in your life.

Being turned down by another club is required in order to be employed

There is a certain impact girls who work at landmine-only clubs have, and the recruitment standards employed by such clubs are also unique. One club required that each girl had to have been previously turned down by another club. These establishments are going to great lengths to select only women who other clubs would avoid like the plague.

Even though they can be grouped into the categories of fat girls, ugly girls, and old hags, each girl has her own characteristics. The fat girls aren’t just fat; some of them have all three of their sizes exceeding 100cm. Some of the ugly girls give off auras of unpleasantness so bad that most people wouldn’t want to get near them, and others have permanent wrinkles between their eyebrows, making it look like they are always upset.

There are also a number of women with tattoos. Some of them have extravagant tattoos of carp and dragons that make you wonder if playtime will actually come to fruition when you first see them.

In this way, most of the women have a unique selling point. Such attributes wouldn’t be selling points at other clubs, and might be downright disadvantages. But it all works out at landmine-only clubs.

Personnel management is difficult

By reading a book written by a famous manager, a landmine-only club manager learned that an important aspect for a sex club to be successful is how it will be managed. The book goes on to say that philosophy is important in management, that employees should love their jobs, and that communicating the significance of a job is important. When he told these things to his landmine girls, however, they were completely unable to understand.

This type of management requires that employees must first have an ordinary type of common sense. Battle hardened landmine girls, however, don’t have this kind of practical sense, and they weren’t able to grasp it no matter how hard their manager pushed them to.

Strong language is written all over the landmine girl waiting area including “If you eat, clean up after yourself!” and “Keep things organized!” However, the girls completely ignore these instructions, leave things strewn all over the place, and have their dirty plates sitting in the sink.

Successful landmine-only sex clubs aren’t run by common-sense management practices, but rather noninterference policies where women are simply paid money. This produces an environment where women feel that they can get money from the club and work in their own style. This has apparently improved their operation.

If you visualize a landmine-only sex club like any other sex club, you will definitely be in for a shock. However, if you’re interested, why not give one a try?