What happened when I called an escort to my house


Japanese “delivery health” businesses are escort services. They send a prostitute to the place where the client wants to have a session with her, which is usually a hotel or the client’s home.

I would like to talk about some things I learned when I called an escort to my own house. The first time I called an escort to my home, the experience felt like a failure to me. However, the woman helped me understand what went wrong, and I ended up learning a lot.

I hope that men who are considering calling upon the services of an escort can learn from my mistakes.

Make sure to clean your room beforehand

I do not have a lot of clutter in my house, and I keep everything relatively clean. The first thing the escort said when she walked through my front door was “My, this place looks clean.” Escorts are women who have to enter the house of a man they do not know, and cleanliness–or lack of it-matters quite a lot to them.

The woman who visited me that first time told me that sometimes, she was called to a house that looked like a veritable pigsty. Whenever that happened, she told the client that she could unfortunately not be of service to him, and turned her back on the man and his money.

Many clients might feel that when they “order” a woman, that means they have a right to a session with her. But if you ask me, it is perfectly understandable for an escort to turn up her nose and go home if she discovers that she is expected to perform in a dirty room. I did a tour of my house with the vacuum cleaner before my escort arrived, just in case, and that turned out to be a good idea.

When an escort is headed for your house, make sure to also clean the spaces she will pass through on the way to the bedroom, such as the entrance and any hallways. Put away all clutter and go over the floor with a vacuum cleaner. Make sure the bedroom is well-ventilated and contains no strange odors. If necessary, use an air freshener.

Escorts will want to use a client’s shower to prepare for the session, so make sure the bathroom is spotless as well. All this may take some time, but you will have a clean house in the end, so you are really killing two birds with one stone.

It is very important that the house looks and feels clean. Even an impromptu cleaning session can make a room tidy enough to set an escort’s mind at ease.

A well-lit room can cause awkwardness

My bedroom faces south, and is very sunny throughout the day. The second thing my escort said to me that day was “Your room looks so bright!” At first I thought she was complimenting the room, but that turned out not to be the case.

For escorts, the environment in which they organize a session is very important. Apparently, if the light in a room is too bright, an escort may end up feeling bashful. If the environment is too distracting, she may find it difficult to concentrate. Having learned that, I immediately began fretting that my well-lit room was making the escort feel awkward.

In the end, I managed to set her mind at ease somewhat by closing the curtains and blocking off some of the remaining light with suits and jackets from my closet.

I think the woman who visited me was rather sensitive to the lighting of her environment, because even after all that, she kept whispering that she found the room a little too bright. In any case, I had no idea that some escorts worried so much about lighting, and it made me think a lot. You may find it useful to check beforehand if your curtains are opaque enough to make the room look dark.

Clients who do not want to give their address should choose to meet in a hotel

The first time I called an escort, I happened to be home from work for the day, so I thought nothing of having the woman come to my house. When I told a work colleague about the escort service afterwards, however, he said that he would be hesitant to call an escort to his house–because that would mean giving his private home address to an escort business.

It stands to reason that escort services do not ask for clients’ home addresses with the intention of using them for nefarious purposes. Besides, if an escort service was found to be mishandling personal information, they would risk a police investigation. I believe that giving your home address to an escort business is not dangerous, but I do understand where my colleague was coming from.

Personally, I did not get any suspicious phone calls or experience anything else out of the ordinary. However, people who are worried that their personal information might be abused or that they might run into some other kind of trouble can have the escort come to a hotel instead. A “love hotel” (a hotel that rents out rooms for very brief periods) or “business hotel” (a budget hotel) is a good choice.

This was my first experience calling an escort to my house. Calling an escort to your house has its benefits: it saves you the trouble of going to a hotel, and it is also cheaper, because there is no need to pay for a hotel room. I hope my experiences will help others have a perfectly delightful experience with an escort.