Transgender, S&M, ageplay, and scatology


Humans cannot avoid sexual desire, but sexual preferences differ from person to person. There are some extreme cases where personal preferences do not match with other people’s opinions and, as a result, these people cannot be satisfied by ordinary sex clubs.

However, in a diversified sex industry, there may be a way for these sexual deviants to satisfy their needs, as well. I will now introduce some sex clubs that are slightly off the beaten path.

Transgender health clubs

Transgender health clubs are sex clubs where transgender women will attend to your needs rather than girls.

Even though all the clubs are called “transgender,” in addition to individuals who have had boob jobs and have been administered female hormones, there are also regular men who are just dressed up like women. For this reason, it is difficult to separate everyone into categories.

What most clients pay attention to is the presence or absence of a rod (penis) and balls (testicles).

Since the preference for rods and balls varies from person to person, it is best to look up the information in advance. Transgender women are usually introduced in club profiles with the terms ① rod and ballsrod and no ballsno rod, no balls.

S&M clubs

The flagship of abnormal sexual interests is probably S&M.

Sadomasochism is a beautiful world view that has expanded beyond the confines of the sex industry and is now very widely known.

However, S&M is still recognized as representative of the abnormal, and does not have widespread appeal, leaving it with an eccentric image.

At S&M clubs, it doesn’t matter if you are a sadist or a masochist. There are both S girls and M girls waiting for you.

However, these places fall into a special category even for a Japanese sex club. There are often specialized instruments and tools to compliment the experience. If you use these tools incorrectly, you could potentially hurt yourself or your partner, which could result in a serious accident.

If this is your first time at an S&M club, you should make it a point to request a girl with a lot of experience.

Also keep in mind that it is important to decide on a safe word so that S&M play can be immediately stopped in the case of an emergency (if pain becomes too serious). It is best to keep the safe word as something that you would not readily say during play such as “Stop it!” or “It hurts!” The word should be something you would never normally say in such a situation.

Ageplay rooms

This sex club is recommended to those who enjoy ageplay.

In ageplay, the male client pretends to be an infant, and the club girl pretends to breast feed, attends to all of the infant’s needs, etc. However, as in S&M clubs, the roles can be reversed; the male client can also perform the daddy or mommy roles.

Ageplay was once a part of S&M play, but it’s following has continued to grow, leading to the rise of clubs devoted to this theme.

Ageplay allows you to experience extreme emotional dependence that could never be expressed in the real world. For people interested in such a thing, this might be the perfect service.

Scatology clubs

Perhaps the most radical sexual interest is scatological play. There are people who feel sexual arousal at a girl’s urine, feces, and vomit. There are also those who are aroused at seeing girls ashamed and placed in a compromising position because of such things.

I’ve heard that there are sex clubs in Japan that specialize in scatological play, but, in general, if you would like to experience it, it might be easier to go to an S&M club and add it as an option.

However, at real specialized clubs, there are aggressive girls that have become used to scatological play, so some fanatics might not be satisfied by going elsewhere.

Furthermore, there are some acts that cannot be recommended from a medical standpoint. Drinking urine is one thing, but when it comes to eating feces or rubbing it on your body, there are bacteria, etc. involved that could put your health at risk.

A true fanatic, however, will have trouble constraining their libido due to medical reasons. Before starting play, it is best to draw a line that you will not cross.

There are a wide variety of sex shops in Japan. The abnormal clubs described above are perfect for those with odd sexual interests and those who have grown tired of normal sex clubs.