The characteristics and costs associated with “adult parties”


There are many kinds of brothels in Japan. Veteran brothel clients should consider trying out an “adult party”. The name might conjure up some rather exciting images. An “adult party” is a kind of business that organizes parties in rooms in an apartment or hotel where women and men get together to have sex.

They are a little similar to partner-swapping clubs (happeningu bā in Japanese), but these clubs usually operate as bars. These clubs have a scattering of sofas where men and women can sit together to talk. An “adult party” has a livelier and more party-like atmosphere.

Two kinds of adult parties

Adult parties can roughly be divided into two kinds. There are adult parties where male participants have sex with professional prostitutes, and adult parties where male participants have sex with equally “amateur” female participants.

At adult parties that prostitutes take part in, male participants can receive the kinds of services that they would in an unlicensed brothel (called honban herusu, or “actual sexual intercourse health service,” in Japanese). Japanese law forbids brothels from allowing clients to have penetrative sex with prostitutes. At an “adult party,” however, actual sexual intercourse is tacitly allowed as a form of “free love” between prostitutes and their clients.

Still, these “parties” exist in a legal gray zone. This is why they are held in inconspicuous locations like a room in an otherwise unremarkable apartment.

Soaplands also offer actual sexual intercourse under the guise of “free love”. What sets “adult parties” apart is the fact that male participants in these revelries can have sex with multiple women in the course of one party. At a soapland, a male client chooses one woman to have sex with. At an adult party, a man and a woman can also pair off and focus only on each other. However, threesomes are also allowed. Many parties do forbid foursomes, asking clients to limit themselves to threesomes at the most.

In these threesomes, a male client gets to have sex with two women. One concern in this scenario is that if he gets too little time with the women, the man might exhaust himself entirely in his hurried attempts to have sex with both of them. This is why Japanese “adult parties” set session lengths at three to five hours, much longer than other forms of brothels.

“Adult parties” involving amateur female participants often take part in rented hotel suites as well as in rooms in apartments. These parties often work with membership systems, and you have to become a member before you can be invited to them.

The party atmosphere at these events is even more lively than at the prostitute-type adult parties. At “adult parties” where the female participants are also amateurs, group sex may take place as well. Men who enjoy having sex with women who are not professionals may want to try out an “adult party”. After all, such women are only rarely found at brothels. During the allotted time, a male participant can have sex with as many women as he likes, and threesomes are also possible.

At these “adult parties”, you can find not just sex, but also the pleasure of meeting new people to talk and drink with. You might say that making the most of these occasions is part of being an “adult”.

Couples, married and unmarried, can also participate

Participants at “adult parties” include not only individuals but also couples, both married and unmarried. When a couple attends an “adult party,” it is usually so that the man can have sex with a woman who is not his partner, or the woman can have sex with a man who is not her partner. In other words, these couples come so at least one of them can have sex with someone who is not their regular partner.

Many might be surprised to hear that this is something some people are into, but participating with a partner is actually one of the more thrilling things you can do at an adult party. The men who bring their partners to adult parties find it sexually exciting to watch their girlfriends or wives having sex with another man. By doing this in a crowd of like-minded people, couples live out their sexual fantasies without harming their relationship or their marriage. It is important to respect the motivations of the couples who attend an adult party.

It is also a general rule to not ask private questions while chatting with other participants. At adult parties, it is not done to monopolize the attention of one particular participant. These parties are meant to be enjoyed as a group. Focusing on one person the entire time is a breach of etiquette, no matter how much you may like that person.

Enjoying and letting others enjoy “free love” is part of acting like an “adult” at an adult party.

The cost of an adult party

Attending an adult party where the female participants are professional prostitutes generally costs between ¥‎15,000 and ¥‎20,000 yen. Considering that you can have sex with up to two prostitutes for several hours, this is certainly not a bad deal.

Adult parties where the female participants are also amateurs generally require a membership fee of about ¥‎5000 to ¥‎10,000 yen, and a participation fee of ¥‎15,000 to ¥‎25,000 per party.

This is a little more expensive than the other type of adult party, but in return, you can have sex with as many women as you like and enjoy some activities you will not get to try elsewhere, such as group sex. That makes this kind of adult party worth considering as well.

In short, a Japanese “adult party” is a kind of service that has a different appeal than regular brothels. If any of this intrigues you, give adult parties a try.