The growing specialization of brothels in Japan


Fierce competition in the sex industry has given rise to an amazing amount of variety among brothels in Japan. A notable trend here is that more and more establishments aim for a high degree of specialization.

Until recently, most brothels only “specialized” in the types of women beloved to many men: cute women, beautiful women, big-breasted women, and so on. Recently, however, many brothels have begun to target particular groups of clients with niche interests.

In business terms, a market with little competition is called a “blue ocean”. In a sense, the specialized brothels emerging today are the “blue oceans” of the sex trade.

The various highly specialized brothels emerging today

Among the various kinds of specialized brothels emerging today, establishments that specialize in chubby women are relatively numerous. Many men tend to prefer cute or beautiful women who are also slim. However, a significant minority of men enjoy women with a chubbier body shape. A brothel that specializes in chubby women relies on the patronage of these men.

Men who like truly overweight women can go to so-called “fat brothels” (debu-sen in Japanese). These brothels employ women who look truly fat, instead of simply having a little more meat on their bones. The number of men who feel attracted to fat women is fairly large, so the managers of these brothels can count on them to provide steady income.

There are also brothels that specialize in women with small breasts. These establishments employ only women with an A-cup (the size of women’s breasts can be expressed in “cups”).

Most men prefer women with large breasts. Busty women tend to be very popular in regular brothels. The men who like such women are so numerous that they even have a nickname in Japan: “aliens from planet Boobs”. However, a significant minority of men prefer women with smaller breasts. Some of these men have very particular tastes: for example, an attraction to breasts that are so small that there is barely any visible swelling on the woman’s chest.

The women who work at these brothels may have small breasts, but most of them are very cute or even outright beautiful otherwise.

What are “taboo women”?

Brothels that specialize in “taboo women” target an even more niche clientele. These establishments employ only “taboo women” (jiraijō in Japanese), which is a colloquial term for prostitutes who are very fat, ugly, or old.

Clients of regular brothels sometimes get stuck with such a woman if they walk into the establishment without expressing a preference for a particular prostitute who works there. Many brothel clients malign such “taboo women” as people who must be avoided at all costs. At brothels who specialize in “taboo women”, however, they are the main attraction.

You may wonder who on earth would deliberately patronize such a brothel. However, these establishments actually boast a certain degree of popularity. Some clients already know that they like “taboo women”, while others visit the brothels because they are curious and want to try the experience, just the once.

Active prostitutes who are over 60 years old are especially rare, making them very valuable indeed. Outside of Japan, there are even examples of women in their nineties who still do sex work. These women can charge ¥‎100,000 for one round of sex.

If any of this piques your interest, give “taboo women” a try.

Specialized brothels are stress-free workplaces for women

Specialized brothels are also popular among prostitutes themselves, because they offer a stress-free work environment. In a regular brothel, women who are fat or middle-aged will get little work and are often looked down upon. Many of these women recount that some male clients would insult them the moment they met, calling them ugly to their face.

Thanks to the increasing specialization of brothels in Japan, these women can now work in places where clients actively desire their companionship.

Specialized brothels tend to be cheaper than regular brothels. That means the prostitutes will find it harder to increase their earnings, but many are still happier here than at regular brothels because the work is not as stressful and they get on better with the clients.

The increasing specialization of brothels in Japan is a result of intense competition between establishments. However, this development has its advantages for clients, prostitutes, and brothel managers alike. Try out a specialized brothel to sample the increased variety in the Japanese sex industry.