Some prostitutes and male clients develop genuine master/slave relationships at clubs


At BDSM clubs, you can experience some “hardcore” sexual activities that regular brothels do not offer to their clients. Prostitutes at regular brothels sometimes develop genuine romantic relationships with their clients, but this is not very common.

At BDSM clubs, however, the intensity of the activities that take place sometimes leads to very close relationships between clients and prostitutes who grow compatible with each other. Let us take a look at what kind of relationships women at BDSM clubs develop with their clients.

Women who work at BDSM clubs love BDSM

Many sexual activities that take place at a BDSM club are hard to stomach for someone with more common sexual preferences. Prostitutes and clients will hit each other with whips or pour hot wax onto each other’s skin. They may even give each other consecutive enemas, expose each other in a public setting, or even taste each other’s urine or feces.

At a BDSM club, people explore behaviors that even men and women in a committed relationship would hesitate to ask of each other.

These kinds of sexual activities are very meaningful for clients who are into them, but they are also very taxing for the prostitutes who help the clients. The women have to be highly knowledgeable and skilled, so they can avoid accidentally injuring a client. Women who play the submissive role need to be very careful about not being injured or otherwise harmed, or they will become unable to continue working.

In other words, women who work at BDSM clubs are far more technically skilled than most women who work only at regular brothels.

Unfortunately, however, many women who start working at BDSM clubs quit before they reach that high level of skill. Some women also quit because their bodies can no longer sustain the intense activities they undergo. Generally speaking, the women who do work at BDSM clubs for extended periods of time are those who are not only highly skilled, but those who also genuinely love BDSM. They seek out BDSM because they enjoy it, and they are essentially working as BDSM professionals.

Through BDSM play, dominants and submissives build real master/slave relationships

Prostitutes at regular brothels service many men every day. This means that they develop a high degree of professionalism, meaning that they will rarely have real romantic feelings for a client. Keeping feelings separate from work enables prostitutes to provide better service to their clients.

Professionals who work at BDSM clubs, however, will often become more absorbed in their work. They may even form genuine master/slave relationships with clients who respond well enough to intense BDSM scenes to become trusted partners instead of mere clients.

This applies equally to women who prefer the dominant role and act as a dominatrix and to women who prefer the submissive role and act as “slaves.”

In a BDSM scene, pain and shame will often play an important role. People who find they can stimulate each other with such means will develop a profound mutual trust, a kind of relationship that is difficult to build in the context of a regular brothel. Even in general, people who have lived through difficult times together find it easier to stay together in the long run. The same principle applies to what happens in BDSM clubs.

Some women develop private relationships with a client

Sometimes, a woman who excels at taking on the dominant role as a BSDM club dominatrix may find a male client who plays the submissive role perfectly for her. In that case, she may make him into her “personal slave.” That means she will enact scenes with him not just in the context of her work at the club, but also in private.

Similarly, a woman who enjoys playing the submissive role may meet a male client who fulfills her needs perfectly, and she may end up thinking of that man as her “real master”. Women who get involved with male clients in this way may go beyond playing in private; they may fall in love with their clients and develop a genuine romantic relationship with them.

Obviously, this sort of real master/slave relationship is not built with one visit to a BDSM club. It can only grow bit by bit, over time.

If you want to develop an intimate relationship with a woman who works at a Japanese BDSM club, try more soft-core “play” at first, then gradually progress to more hard-core activities. A BDSM club will have women on its payroll who are willing to walk you through every step gently. If you build up BDSM experience with such a woman until you can enjoy more extreme “play” together, there may be a possibility of developing a genuine master/slave relationship with her.