The three plans on offer at Japanese BDSM clubs


Veteran brothel clients and people with particular sexual tastes will often enjoy BDSM clubs, one of the more niche-oriented sex establishments you will find in Japan. If you have never visited this kind of club, you probably think that every prostitute in there is a dominatrix who makes male clients undergo all sorts of humiliating acts.

Of course, some clients do visit BDSM clubs for this kind of activity, but the clubs have much more to offer. Japanese BDSM clubs usually offer three plans that offer three very different experiences to enjoy. Let us take a look at what these three plans involve.

The “masochism plan”

The most popular plan at Japanese BDSM clubs is the “masochism plan” (called “M kōsu” for “masochism course”, in Japanese). This plan resembles what most people think of when they imagine the inside of a BDSM club. The “masochism plan” involves the male client being shamed by a female prostitute.

Playing the part of a dominatrix, the prostitute will enact all sorts of “sadistic” punishments on the client, as per the client’s specifications. These “sadistic” activities run the gamut from hitting the client with a whip and dripping hot candle wax onto his skin, to tying ropes around the client’s body (also called “bondage”). Women who work at BDSM clubs are well-versed in all these techniques.

In the sex industry, acting as a dominatrix is considered to be one of the most sophisticated techniques a prostitute can learn. Depending on the specific activity being carried out, a dominatrix can easily cause physical injury to her client. These women must be extremely careful at all times.

BDSM clubs provide training for women who want to learn how to be a dominatrix. Some clubs begin training by asking the woman to play the part of a male client first, so she can feel with her own body what the “submissive” partner in a BDSM scene experiences.

In BDSM clubs, the interplay between the dominant and submissive partners is extremely important. You may feel embarrassed about all this if you have never visited a BDSM club, but it is important to clearly convey to the dominatrix what kind of activities you want to experience. This helps the dominatrix understand what you want out of the “scene,” so she can give you exactly what you desire.

When taking the submissive role in a BDSM scene, make sure to agree on clear safewords. Otherwise, if you cry things like “Please stop!” or “Please, ma’am, not that!” while a dominatrix is punishing you, she may take it as encouragement.

The “sadism plan”

Many Japanese BDSM clubs also offer a plan where the client can play the dominant role while the prostitute acts out the submissive role. Clients who choose this plan can act as many kinds of “dominants.” They can play at being a master, a king, an older brother, and more.

The “sadism plan” (called “S kōsu” for “sadism course”, in Japanese) allows clients to reverse the roles of the “masochism plan.” Clients can drip wax onto the skin of a prostitute, hit her with a whip, and so on. This plan is perfect for people who feel aroused when they see a woman trying to resist them.

However, you should be very careful to not go too far during a “scene.” As mentioned earlier, this kind of activity is dangerous when not done right. If you take things too far, you may frighten the woman more than is acceptable, or even injure her physically.

There are also some male clients who use ropes or handcuffs to deliberately immobilize a woman so they can try to have penetrative sex with her. Japanese law forbids prostitutes from engaging in penetrative sex with clients. BDSM clubs deal severely with any male client who tries to force penetrative sex on a prostitute. They will brand the client “dangerous” and may even call the police. You must be very careful to follow all the rules in a BDSM club.

If you want to try the “sadism course” but feel too inexperienced to do it properly, you can ask for one of the club’s professional submissive women. These women are very proficient at playing the submissive role, and can guide a male client through a scene. They will ask you what you want to try, then skilfully arrange for things to go in the right direction by saying and doing the right things at the right time.

The “high-class plan”

There are premium BDSM clubs, just like there are premium regular brothels that are more expensive than most brothels. Some premium BDSM clubs offer something called a “high-class plan” (haikurasu kōsu in Japanese). This plan allows a client to spend a very long time with a prostitute, 24 or even 48 hours. The woman will assume her designated role, then “stay in character” for the entire duration of the plan.

This abundance of time is not the only distinguishing characteristic of a “high-class plan.” Clients can also enjoy “premium BDSM activities” that most consider to be on the more extreme end, and that regular brothels definitely do not offer.

For example, a client can spend the time in a luxury hotel suite, having the prostitute urinate and defecate on him so he can play at being a toilet bowl for a dominatrix. A client can also hire several women who will let him play at being a harem master who has to train his slaves.

All expenses are paid by the client, from the price of the hotel room to the food. The price of a “high-class plan” differs from club to club, but more than ¥‎1,000,000 is not unusual. This kind of arrangement is extremely taxing for the prostitute, and the price necessarily reflects that.

A “high-class plan” is also not something that clients can just buy so long as they have the money. The kind of activities involved require a great deal of mutual trust between the male client and the woman. Clubs decide on a case by case basis whether they will let a client purchase a “high-class plan.” This kind of plan is only suitable for truly advanced practitioners.

As you can see, the three plans that Japanese BDSM clubs offer are all completely different. You can start by trying out the “masochism plan” or “sadism plan,” and if these really pique your interest, you can consider the “high-class plan.”