The difference between urban and suburban sex clubs


Sex clubs are located in both urban and suburban areas, but both regions have different characteristics. If you understand the traits of sex clubs from both regions, you will be able to enjoy your playtime even more.

Number of clubs

The first thing to note is that the number of sex clubs in urban areas is different from that in suburban areas. Urban areas are home to a larger number of clubs. It is also possible to enjoy a more diverse range of sex clubs in such regions. There are even entertainment districts where nothing but sex clubs are lined up, one after the other; this makes it simple to choose a club based on your objective.

There is a huge variety of sex clubs available including, but not limited to, pink salons, hostess bars, and soaplands. There are also a number of different genres of club girls including those that many men prefer such as beautiful girls, wives, and plump girls as well as genres geared for more perverted, or extreme, tastes. It is fun to go to an urban area and enjoy this broad range of clubs and girls.

Suburban regions, on the other hand, don’t have as many sex clubs. However, there are still some clubs where you can have a good time. Although male clients aren’t as plentiful as they are in urban areas, this leads to the merit of it being easier to book sessions with popular girls in suburban locations. It also is easier to be remembered by the club girls after visiting the same sex club a few times.


Sex club rates in urban areas tend to be more expensive than their suburban counterparts. It is easy to imagine that competition in city centers would be extreme due to the large number of clubs, and that would lead to lower prices. However, rent is more expensive in these areas, and this leads to equivalent hikes in prices.

Conversely, male clients are more difficult to attract in suburban regions. This leads to more reasonable prices in order to increase the number of visiting customers. Rent is also relatively cheap in these areas, even around train stations, so it is easy to offer lower rates.

For soaplands, there are many higher-end clubs where it costs more than 30,000 JPY per visit at the city center, and there are some establishments that can cost upwards of 100,000 JPY. In the suburbs, however, it is very possible to enjoy the highest class of soapland for under 30,000 JPY.

Of course there are very cheap clubs, even in urban areas. However, these places tend to house unattractive women or enforce extremely tight time regulations, and so it is important to scout out such clubs before visiting.

The quality of the girls

The quality of the girls is an important point. In urban areas, there are many club girls who even pay attention to fashion, and there are clubs that house beautiful women, models, and even adult video stars.

In suburban clubs, it is rare to find models or adult video stars, but the women are generally rather attractive and cute. Therefor it is possible to find a girl who will meet your preferences, even in a suburban club. It’s best to take a look at these suburban club girls before ruling them out because you think the more expensive urban girls must be more attractive.

The quality of service

The quality of service also varies. Since urban sex clubs must compete with other surrounding clubs, each establishment must develop creative new services. There are events for holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day where gifts are given by club girls. There are also a number of clubs where cosplay events are held.

Although suburban areas also have clubs that strive to provide good services, there are cases when one feels that these services are inferior to clubs in urban areas.

The customer service provided by male staff members also differs from region to region. Since many urban customers are sensitive to the level of service they receive, they will complain if they aren’t treated in a polite manner. Male staff members in suburban clubs tend to be older than those in urban areas, and they tend to provide a more laidback type of customer service.

I recommend trying out both

In these ways, the characteristics of sex clubs in urban areas and suburban areas are different. Although cities tend to be more expensive, you can also expect a higher level of service in return for the extra money. It is also easy to find a club and girl that matches your preferences in an urban environment thanks to the diversification in club types and girl genres. Even in cities, it is possible to find very cheap clubs that offer good services, but such establishments are extremely limited in areas like Tokyo and Osaka.

It’s easy to feel like clubs in suburban areas are of a lower class than those in the city because of how limited they are. Even in suburban regions, though, there are clubs with attractive girls where you can enjoy yourself for reasonable prices. It’s also rare to find yourself in the situation of not being able to make a reservation with your preferred girl because she is fully booked.

Each sex club has its own unique characteristics. If you’re not sure what suites you, it might be a good idea to try visiting both an urban club and a suburban club. After that, you can try to find a club that meets your preferences.