Hidden sex clubs that offer actual intercourse


Most men who visit sex clubs would like to engage in actual intercourse with the club girls. However, the Japanese Law on Control and Improvement of Amusement Businesses (Amusement Business Law) forbids services that offer actual intercourse.

Some clubs, though, offer these services to customers despite knowing it is illegal. These are often called “hidden sex clubs.

Services offering actual intercourse have a rarity value

Obviously the management of hidden sex clubs knows that providing actual intercourse is against the law. However, there are two main reasons why these establishments are still around. One is that the demand for sex among men is high, and the other is that these clubs contribute to the employment of women.

Regarding the first reason, there will always be men who want to have actual sex. Since clubs that offer these types of illegal services are extremely rare, establishments that do offer them can easily make a huge profit.

Soaplands also offer actual intercourse as a service. However, to escape the law, soaplands operate under the pretense that the women working there engage in sex because they fall in love with the male customers on their own volition.

Although there is a risk of a hidden sex club being busted for illegal behavior, they continue operating under the shortsighted goal of turning a big profit.

Hidden sex clubs can easily make huge profits and are almost addictive in that it’s hard to stop offering such services once you start.

Men will become repeat customers if they enjoy a hidden sex club’s services. If, however, actual intercourse stops being offered as a service, these regular customers will go somewhere else. For this reason, it’s difficult for clubs to simply stop offering illegal business activities that involve sex.

Hidden sex clubs also contribute to the employment of sex girls

Hidden sex clubs that offer actual intercourse also have their merits for the girls who work there. For women, this means that if they can have sex with a man, they can land a job. By saying that they’re willing to engage in intercourse, even women who can’t find employment at regular sex clubs can find work at hidden sex clubs.

Because of the risk of STDs and the requirement of having sex with numerous strangers, many club girls dislike the idea of engaging in intercourse. This is why girls willing to go all the way are worth a lot of money. Furthermore, girls who are attractive on top of that will often make very high incomes.

Clubs that want to offer actual intercourse services and the girls that are willing to work there have a mutual, beneficial relationship.

Hidden sex clubs are declining, being busted one after the other

In this way, hidden sex clubs have become popular by offering actual intercourse as a service to the many men that crave it despite knowing it is illegal. Until the year 2000, the number of these clubs had been increasing and sales had been expanding.

Furthermore, since the number of legal sex clubs also increased, leading to intensifying competition, many of these establishments transitioned to delivery health services, which don’t require a physical club. Because of this, the rarity of physical clubs offering actual intercourse as a service became magnified. Such clubs became extremely popular among sex club enthusiasts.

After the year 2000, however, busts of hidden sex clubs became more rampant. Tobita Shinchi in Osaka was well known for its district of hidden sex clubs lined up one after the other, but, continuous busts forced most of these establishments out of business with the objective of cleaning up the city.

There were also a huge number of hidden sex clubs in Yokohama’s Koganechō district. This area was so popular that it generated more than 200,000,000 JPY per day in revenue. However, this region also suffered from strings of busts, and is now devoid of hidden sex clubs.

In addition to the Amusement Business Law, the Anti-Prostitution Act also regulates the business of sex clubs. According to the Anti-Prostitution Act, “Even if a sex club is busted, the women who work there will not be punished.” Women who work at illegal establishments such as hidden sex clubs, however, may be arrested and charged for the aiding of an illegal business.

It’s become difficult for women to work at hidden sex clubs like they used to before the year 2000, and the decline of these establishments is accelerating.

In this way, hidden sex clubs offer men the services they want. However, there is no mistake that these establishments are illegal, and they are becoming more difficult to find. If you’re interested in enjoying services where actual intercourse is offered, I suggest heading to a soapland, where sex is at least implicitly allowed.