The business development efforts that escorts have to make


In recent years, Japanese prostitutes have become locked in fierce competition with one another. It is no longer the case that women can make a large amount of money simply by being employed in the sex industry.

To become a popular prostitute, women have to work very hard.

However, there is no predetermined list of “ways to become popular” that a prostitute can simply tick off. Every woman must decide for herself in what way she could get clients, and follow the path she sets out for herself.

Let us take a look at what kind of actions are being taken by women who work in delivery health services (where sexual services are provided as an escort service, not in a brothel).

Escorts have to attend sex industry events

In the mid-2000s, brothels slid into a decline as more city ordinances were enacted against them. It was time for new “delivery health” services to prosper.

An important characteristic of delivery health services is that clients tend to see prostitutes not as employees of brothels, but as individual people. Prostitutes have to do business by themselves.

Sex industry events are important venues for these women. A large variety of subculture-related events take place in Japan every year, and among these, sex industry events are fairly popular.

Women who want to sell themselves are said to participate in these events in large numbers. By appearing at these events and increasing her notability, a woman can improve her reputation dramatically.

Rather than sitting and waiting for clients to come to her, a woman can go out and find the clients herself by attending a sex industry event.

Escorts have to know enough to follow men’s conversation

People tend to think that the work of a prostitute involves only physical activity. Today, however, there are a growing number of “light” sexual services where sex acts are only simulated. That means that the ability to provide a client with good client service is becoming almost more important than the ability to provide physical services.

As a result, women who have enough knowledge to follow along with men’s conversations can gain some amount of status just for that.

They can make an impression compared to other prostitutes simply by having some general knowledge of topics that many men enjoy, such as sports or anime.

Having some knowledge about politics is also useful. Politics is a sensitive topic. If a woman can find out whether a man espouses right-leaning or left-leaning ideas, she can steer the conversation to conform to his beliefs.

She will stand out vividly in the memory of clients who never expected that they might be able to talk politics with their prostitute.

However, men also tend to have a psychological desire to feel superior to women. That is why the very best prostitutes will scrupulously avoid sounding more informed than their clients on any conversational topic.

The most efficient prostitutes are those who are not only more knowledgeable than most men, but who are also capable of adjusting the level of their conversation to suit the man in front of them.

Escorts have to choose their position within the sex industry carefully

Not all prostitutes focus on making as much money as possible as quickly as they can manage. There are also prostitutes who have a relatively low yearly income, but do not try to move up in the ranks simply out of preference.

Retaining one’s position like that may even be one of the hardest things to do for a prostitute. For those who have set their sights on the very top, working themselves to the bone may make sense. However, if a woman rests on her laurels once she has attained a certain position, her popularity will start decreasing all by itself.

For instance, one prostitute says that she deliberately avoids becoming her brothel’s top-rated worker. The reason for that is that she wants to avoid the kind of clients who always go for the top-rated woman.

Most of these clients only care about the idea of having sex with the “best” woman in the establishment, to the point of disregarding the humanity of the actual woman involved.

The prostitute who said this reports that while she never quite stops gunning for the top position, she takes care to never actually attain it. She wants to avoid the anxiety involved in dealing with these unpleasant clients.

For today’s Japanese prostitutes, things are no longer as easy as simply having sex with men. Every woman must draw up a career plan that suits her, and work hard to make it happen.