How do prostitutes feel about virgin men?


These days, there are quite a few people who consider visiting a brothel to have their first sexual experience with a woman. However, some of these people are very unsure about whether it is a good idea to actually have one’s first time at a brothel.

Some may also worry that a prostitute will not like having to deal with a virgin.

Prostitutes are all individuals, and they all have their own opinions about servicing a man with no experience whatsoever. Still, there are some general attitudes towards virgins that a client is likely to encounter when dealing with prostitutes.

Most prostitutes are not prejudiced against virgins

Generally speaking, most prostitutes have no objections against servicing virgin men. Men tend to be extremely conscious of what women will think of them.

However, a prostitute sees many men every day. Brothel clients are an infinitely diverse group, and include many men who are far more memorable than a mere virgin. A client is very unlikely to make a strong impression on a prostitute for no reason other than that he is a virgin.

Prostitutes do not feel strongly about every man they service in the course of their work. That would by physically and mentally exhausting. These women have sex with men because it is their job, and while they may sometimes treat their clients with a great deal of affection during a session, the whole experience is no more than a business transaction for them. That is why they do not care very much if a client is a virgin.

Most prostitutes will treat a virgin with just as much deference as they would any client, and they will do their best to ensure that the client has a good time. Men should not hesitate to visit a brothel for their first sexual experience.

Some women enjoy teaching men about sex

Some prostitutes even seem to find virgin men rather adorable.

Those readers who work in companies should try to recall how they feel towards young new hires who have just walked into the office for the very first time.

These new hires know virtually nothing about how the company works and look lost all the time. Would you judge these young people for their inexperience, and think they are doomed to fail? Probably not. You would assume that the new hires just need someone to teach them the ropes, and you might even volunteer for the job.

In the eyes of a prostitute, a man without any sexual experience looks a little like one of those new hires. Quite a few women will realize that these men are simply ignorant of many sex-related things, and take it upon themselves to teach the client as much as possible.

Anyone who feels nervous visiting a brothel for his first sexual experience would do well to select a woman who looks kind and gentle, even soft-hearted. These women are very likely to treat a virgin gently and with great care.

Some prostitutes do dislike servicing virgins, but for different reasons

However, prostitutes who object to virgin clients do exist. While most do not mind virgins and will even do their best to teach them, there are some who do dislike such clients.

Generally, prostitutes who dislike virgin clients fall into two categories. The first is very strong-willed women. Sometimes, such women have a powerful dislike for men who appear weak. A woman who thinks like that tends to be quite strongly prejudiced against virgins.

Of course, not all strong-willed women dislike virgin men. However, first-time brothel visitors may want to avoid selecting that kind of woman. You can often tell a strong-willed woman by the way she looks, so study the pictures on the brothel’s website and choose wisely.

The second category of women who dislike virgins do not object to a client’s virginity in and of itself. Rather, they believe that such men are not used to thinking about the way they look in a woman’s eyes, so they often dress slovenly and don’t keep themselves very clean.

It is true that quite a few virgin men do not pay much attention to their appearance. Quite a few do dress slovenly and have poor personal hygiene.

Most women notice when a man does not put any thought into looking tidy and neat. Many feel viscerally repulsed by men who dress slovenly and pay no attention to personal hygiene.

Virgin clients who are afraid that prostitutes might judge them should make sure they go to the brothel well-dressed and well-groomed. That way, they will at least not make a bad first impression.

This is how prostitutes tend to respond to male clients who are virgins. Clients may feel understandably embarrassed about their virgin status. However, it is best to come right out and say that one is a virgin, does not know much about sex, and would appreciate some instruction.

Clients who hide their inexperience often end up acting very unnaturally. Their behavior can look downright suspicious, which obviously does not help them make a favorable impression. It really is best to admit outright that one is a virgin, no matter how frightening that prospect might be.

Prostitutes do not harbor any particular prejudices towards virgins, and men should not hesitate to visit a brothel for their first time.