Soap ladies who frequent host clubs


Most soaplands are more expensive than regular Japanese brothels. A soap lady (a prostitute who works in a soapland) tends to earn more than a regular prostitute. There are quite a few soap ladies who earn ¥1,000,000 per month, or even more. Some soap ladies who earn these large amounts of money are great fans of “host clubs”.

This is a club where handsome, smooth-talking men called “hosts” service female clients. The hosts will do anything to make female clients feel like a perfect, pampered princess.

Most women are not that interested in host clubs, but among soap ladies, these clubs are remarkably popular. Let us take a look at why soap ladies are so fond of visiting host clubs.

Visiting host clubs makes women feel like they are important and respected.

Soap ladies spend most of their time servicing men, and as a result they meet all kinds of clients during the day. A host club is the exact opposite environment: pay enough money, and an amazing man will fulfill your every desire.

Soap ladies see clients paying them large sums of money day after day, which gives quite a few of them the idea that they would like to experience the opposite–paying a man for service.

Host clubs demand that their employees bring in large amounts of money, even more than hostess clubs, which are known to be among the more demanding types of brothels for their employees. That is why hosts work hard to, as it were, “sell love”. They try to convince women to enter into a kind of romantic relationship with them, and as soon as that is done, they lead the women to spend large amounts of money in a host club.

To improve their intake, hosts try their best do find women who are prepared to spend a lot of money in host clubs.

Soap ladies are ideal “prey” for the hosts. Their stress from work makes them easy targets, and they have a lot of money, so they will pay if hosts keep them wrapped in the enchanting host club experience.

Romantic relationships do develop, but few of them are real

Hosts are essentially professional thieves of women’s hearts. Some soap ladies who service male clients all day are quite lonely people. Hosts find the cracks in these women’s lonely hearts and fill them, making the women feel respected again. Quite a few soap ladies who sooth their loneliness in such a way often fall in love with a host.

Some women will pay up to ¥1,000,000 every month for a host who can make them feel as valued as a princess. When a romantic relationship involves such immense sums of money, it is difficult for that relationship to be based purely on love and nothing more. The woman may be genuinely in love with the host, but the host will not be able to stop considering his financial interest in the relationship.

It is rare for a host to actually return the romantic feelings a soap lady. Hosts are more likely to think of such women as well-paying patrons (someone who supports another person financially).

Many women frequent host clubs while knowing the feelings on offer are “fake”

A soap lady who has fallen in love with a particular host club, or one of its hosts, may end up servicing male clients by day and then immediately throwing away all the money she has earned by night. Some women make huge amounts of money, but end up with nothing because they waste it all at host clubs. Left penniless and unable to return to the host clubs, such women may end up terribly heartsick and suffering physically as well.

The hosts are not interested in an actual romantic relationship, so they will immediately cut off a soap lady when she has no more money to give them.

Such tales of woe are often told in TV series, manga, and novels about women who fall in love with hosts. Soap ladies know about these stories, but a never-ending string of them still fall for hosts’ charms. In fact, many soap ladies who visit a host club for the first time are there because one of their colleagues has invited them.

Some soaplands try to prevent hosts from preying on soap ladies. Establishments may caution their employees against being taken in by hosts, and soap ladies may keep in touch with each other to warn colleagues about the hosts’ tactics.

Soap ladies are often wonderfully charming, and it is terrible to see such lovely, beautiful women seduced into ruin. A Japanese soap lady’s life looks very glamorous, but there are also dangers lurking in the shadows.