Can you ever marry a girl from a sex club?


The concept of a Japanese sex club needs no introduction: you and the girl get naked and enjoy some sexy fun. Since you’re seeing each other face-to-face, nothing hidden, it’s not out of the question to fall in love with the person in your arms. Some people even take the leap and get married.

If you’re serious about marrying a girl from a Japanese sex club, there are some things we need to discuss: is it even possible in the first place, and how should you engage with the girl leading up to marriage? Let’s delve in.

Surprisingly, it’s not impossible

Most men seem to think that marrying a girl from a Japanese sex club is a pipe dream. You’d be surprised to know that these match-ups are more common than we’ve been led to think. At one sex club in Japan, no fewer than two girls resigned in the same year after marrying male patrons. While this is a serious blow to the bottom line of the shop, let’s remember that it’s a happy occasion for the couples.

These cases are surprisingly common at shops of all types. In order to stay competitive, shops are increasingly recruiting the cutest girls. When men visit the shops, they naturally swoon for these beauties, and there are more than a few guys that decide to court their hands in marriage. While many fail, some of these do become married couples.

If you are serious about marrying a girl you met at a sex club in Japan, begin by believing that it is possible. You must consider her not as a working girl serving you in a club, but begin shifting your thinking to treating her seriously and with respect

First, be accepting of her line of work

One thing you often find with men who’ve married girls they met in clubs is that they are accepting of their line of work. Society tends to look down on this sort of work, so girls often find themselves lacking confidence and worried about their social standing.

Many of the guys that marry these girls do not hold such biases towards the world of sex clubs. They treat it as pride-worthy work, something where women give their all to satisfy customers. They also don’t boldly try to pitch to the girls how open-minded they are as men. They quite simply and naturally feel accepting of this work, without having to put it into words.

If you approach a girl head-first with a line about how you’re an unbiased, open-minded dude, she’s not going to be very impressed. These ladies are more interested in your attitude and the way you act. You may say you are unbiased, but then act cold and severe towards them, or show your bias in your behavior. Girls aren’t interested in guys like that.

They have also had lots of experience in bed. If you intend to marry her, you’ll have to be accepting and open-minded about her sexual history.

Don’t keep them on a short leash after marriage

A common occurrence in marriages like these is for the couple to get divorced shortly after marriage. Let’s face it: these girls have sex with lots of guys each day. The work environment is, in a sense, a place full of excitement and stimulation.

After marriage, most girls quit their job and take up life as a homemaker. Unlike the day-to-day excitement they’ve been used to, though, the life of a homemaker is peaceful and quiet. It’s a far cry from the wild and exciting days they used to know. Many ladies find this life a bit dull, a bit lacking. Some get bored of life at home and contemplate going back to the club.

This is where the trouble begins. Most guys are reluctant to let their wives go back to having sex with lots of guys. This causes a rift between them and puts them on the road to divorce.

Most cases of successful, lasting marriages between customers and girls from Japanese sex clubs are where the husband approves of the girl working at the club even after marriage. The men consider this to be merely a facet of the girl’s “job,” and the girls are attracted to the men for their open-mindedness. This helps them preserve a good and open relationship as husband and wife.

In other words, if you want to marry a girl from a sex club, you must have an expansive, open-minded attitude. You must accept her line of work and be prepared to agree if she wants to keep working there after marriage. Girls at sex clubs are bombshell knockouts – if you want to make one your wife, be prepared to have a high level of mental fortitude.