Do girls at Japanese sex clubs ever reach orgasm?


As you may already know, part of the Japanese sex club is guys stimulating girls and girls stimulating the guys. The girls will react to your advances, but one question seems to be on everybody’s mind – will they actually reach orgasm?

Even the ladies get off, sometimes

Let’s cut to the chase. Even a working girl reaches orgasm. After all, they all have different sensitivity to stimulation. Some reach orgasm really easily, and some will even come multiple times.

If you don’t want to be the only one having fun, try actively stimulating the girl. They all have different erogenous zones, but the obvious choice would be the clitoris. Go ahead and engage in cunnilingus and eat her out – there’s a good chance you’ll get to see her reach orgasm.

Don’t assume girls enjoy aggressive advances

Some guys will be so determined to get a girl to come that they’ll try anything. You shouldn’t go too far, as it could have the opposite effect – I’m talking about aggressive, unwanted advances. When you watch porn, you may see guys going at the girls against their protests. It seems like the kind of thing that is sure to get a girl off. The fact is, most women in Japan don’t get turned on by that – they’ll find your aggressive approach painful and invasive.

However, since Japanese sex clubs are a service industry, the girls may act like they’re enjoying it even if your aggressive advances are unwanted. When they are really turned on, you’ll see it in their bodies, not their faces. They’ll grasp your hands or drag you close to their erogenous zones. Even at Japanese sex clubs, the body cannot lie.

If you go for an aggressive style, you may think the lusty moans the girl is letting out are the real thing, but don’t be fooled: to see her really come, watch her body’s reaction.

While some girls may occasionally like the aggressive style, most girls in Japan prefer being treated gently, in a seductive way that makes them flustered. Newbies to the Japanese sex club scene shouldn’t use the show-stopping scenes in porno videos as a reference, with their bold displays of cunnilingus and squirting. Instead, focus on the scenes of initial foreplay and petting.

I recommend what is called the “feather touch.” Lightly graze the girl’s body, just barely stroking her, gently grazing her clitoris and body. Girls go wild for this feeling of being teased, and many will reach orgasm through this. It’s not a complex technique, so even newbies can master it.

Don’t try to get her to come at all costs. Just relax and have fun

Even the gentle approach may fail to get her to come. Don’t worry – that’s no cause for disappointment. Girls at Japanese sex clubs work with lots of men each day, so they’re used to being played with. They’re not going to just come at the drop of a hat. Your everyday technique is not going to send them into orbit.

Besides, there’s also the issue of whether you’re a good match. You may know how to put the moves on the ladies, but unless you mesh well together, it won’t work. If you really work her over and she still doesn’t come, just console yourself by knowing that you two weren’t a perfect match.

If you try your best but can’t get her to come, relax – let her take over and focus on you. No girl at a sex club is going to look down on you for failing to get her to come. They’re there for you, not vice versa.

However, if you succeed at getting a girl to come that many fail to, it’s like pulling the sword from the stone – lots of the girls will look on with envy at your prowess.

For example, a girl may be amazed to find that, while other guys have tried and failed to make her come, you did it – and then she’ll have the hots for you. If you’re serious about having a relationship with a girl, try enhancing your skills in the sack.

As you can see, a girl at a sex club reaching orgasm is not the stuff of legend. There are many girls who will be receptive to your advances and even come. If you’re a newbie, your first goal should be getting used to the Japanese sex club experience, obviously. Once you master that, though, try polishing the way you put the moves on the girls. If you succeed at getting them off, you’ll become a confident “technician” that finds a lot of fun in the experience.