Preparation of items that sex club girls use during play


When club girls participate in sexual play with their customers, they use a number of different items. In most cases, the girls carry these items in a small plastic basket, and use them when the need arises. Such items include everything from lotion and mouthwash to vibrators.

I will now explain how all these items are prepared for use. The truth is that these items, which club girls use so casually, provide insight on the way sex clubs are operated.

There are cases where it is necessary for the girls, themselves, to purchase the items

There are two types of clubs: those that prepare all the items that girls use during play, and those that require the girl to purchase everything, herself.

At your average pink salon, many of the essentials, such as wet napkins and lotion, are provided for by the club. Items that are used for optional services, such as vibrators and pink rotors, however, must be purchased by the girl.

In some clubs, the girl has a refrigerator located in the room where she works. The drinks inside are usually provided for by the girl, herself. Even when there isn’t any refrigerator, the girl generally buys any canned drinks, etc. provided to male clients with her own money.

Even at soaplands, where customer fees tend to be very high, the soap girls (soapland club girls) purchase almost all the items they use by themselves.

Soap girls aren’t regular soapland employees. Soaplands are operated under a system where the girls rent out one of the club’s rooms to independently do their business. Anything that’s required for their independent business, therefore, must be provided for by the girls. Even though soap girls’ salaries are rather high, they also have to spend a lot on job-related expenditures.

There are even soaplands where bonuses for male staff members are collected from soap girls’ salaries. Sometimes this can amount to a relatively high cost of tens of thousands of Japanese yen. There have been cases where soap girls have quit because of this practice.

By using items, club girls can increase their salaries

Items can be classified into two categories: those that are essential for sexual play, and those that are nonessential for basic sexual play. Ordinary services can be provided without vibrators and pink rotors. However, use of such optional items costs the customers more money, and a large portion of those option fees are returned to the club girls.

In other words, the system is set up so that the girls can recover the money that they must initially spend. Most new girls do not purchase optional items. As they gradually become used to their jobs and strive to improve, though, many of them consider buying vibrators, etc.

For men, adding optional services at sex clubs means that they can enjoy services that are tailored to their likings. Even for the girls, these options come with merits and are directly linked to their income. Since items like vibrators provide multiple uses from a single purchase, they are a good self-investment for club girls.

Dedicated sex club girls will purchase items even if the club provides them

Some club girls are more dedicated than other. Their drive comes from wanting to become popular as a club girl and earn more money, or from becoming interested in various forms of sexual play after becoming accustomed to their job. Such girls will occasionally purchase their own items even if items are already being given by the club.

There is a girl, for example, who carries around two types of lotions, each with a different viscosity. She chooses which one to use based on her customer’s wishes. There are also girls who like cosplay that will personally collect cosplay costumes so that they can dress up as characters that other girls don’t have the clothes for.

In general, all the girls follow club policy, but there are some individuals who offer original services.

Even though it looks like sex club girls are very casually using items supplied by the club, there are cases where they are paying for them with their own money. There are no shortage of sex clubs to be found in Japan, and competition has reach new levels of intensity. This is why the clubs try to cut some expenses by placing the burden on the girls in order to increase profit.