Age limits for working as a sex club girl


Most men who visit sex clubs tend to prefer young women in their 20s. Some sex clubs rely on business using mature women, but the main role in the sex industry is performed by women in their 20s. For this reason, many women feel that club girls can’t continue working for very long.

I will now explain the age limits for working as a sex club girl.

There are older club girls, but not very many

There are actually club girls that continue to work despite old age. Some women working as sex club girls in Japan are over 60, and there are even those who are over 80. There are some women working in the sex industry overseas who are over 90 years old.

Judging from these examples, you might say that girls can continue working at sex clubs long after their 20s. However, the cases mentioned above are not at all common. Although it is possible, it’s not all that realistic.

Even if the woman, herself, feels like she can keep working, the demand for her will decrease as her age increases. The male demand for older women is extremely low. In effect, you end up with an excess of supply for a low demand.

In general, demand among male customers decreases sharply when a woman’s age rises above 50 years old. What’s commonly referred to as a “mature woman” is a woman between her mid-30s and 50. Anything older and she would be called an “old woman.”

In the sex industry, demand for a woman begins to decline between her mid-20s and early 30s. The next decline occurs at her 50s. This is probably the limit for most people.

It is necessary to assess appearance and stamina

Appearance and stamina are two traits that are required in order to work as a sex club girl. Even if a woman becomes older, if her face still looks young, she could still potentially work as a sex club girl. In other words, if a 50-year-old woman looks like she’s only 40, or a 60-year-old woman looks like she’s only 50, there’s a possibility she could still do her job. In order for women to preserve their appearance, beauty care is extremely important.

In addition to limitations on appearance, it is also necessary to consider limitations on stamina. A club girl’s job strains both the mind and body. So, even if a girl could potentially continue based on appearance, that doesn’t necessarily mean her body will hold out.

For some women, the required physical services required by establishments including fashion health clubs, pink salons, and soaplands can be strenuous when they become older. This is why there are women who move on to hostess clubs. Since the main service offered by hostess clubs is to entertain male customers through conversation, it is an easier choice of employment for such women.

Women that have decided to continue their jobs even after they become older tend to begin jobs at mature hostess clubs or landmine-only clubs (clubs that only employ fat girls, ugly girls, or old hangs – what are known as “landmine girls”).

It is necessary for sex club girls to assess their own limitations of appearance and stamina. It is also important to consider what clubs to work at based on their age.

It is important to consider future career paths

Competition in the sex industry is becoming increasingly fierce. There are even some younger women who are unable to earn enough to make ends meet. It is highly likely that their situation will become even worse as they grow older. For this reason, it is extremely important for club girls to think about their future career paths on their own volition.

It is safe to say that continuing a sex club job as an older woman is a possible, but extremely difficult path.

There are club girls who, from a young age, contemplate until what age they will continue working as a sex club girl and what they will do after that. A sex club job has may have negative connotations in society, but, by being preemptive in thinking about the future, it is possible for these women to return to a normal, corporate job.

Even though it is possible for club girls to continue their jobs at an older age, the general age limit usually tends to be in their 30s. It is important for these women to consider their futures while they work so that they are not troubled by work or life after they become older.