Relationships among sex club girls can become contentious


There are many people who worry about interpersonal relations at normal companies, and the same can be said of sex club girls. There are numerous women working at sex clubs, and this can lead to fighting amongst the girls.

You wouldn’t be able to comprehend the relationships among the girls just by visiting a sex club, but there are cases where intense rivalry wages on behind the scenes. I will now explain what kind of interpersonal relationships club girls experience.

There is infighting among the girls

At sex clubs, there is a room called “the waiting area,” where multiple girls gather together while waiting to be selected by clients, or while getting ready for a session. Since everyone is in one place, it is common for conversation between girls to take place here.

Light chitchat takes place between girls who are friendly with one another, but, when girls who don’t get along with each other gather in the same room, fighting and bullying can occur.

Women tend to be more sensitive to what other people think and the atmosphere around them than men. Therefore, rather than doing something directly to a girl they dislike, women will often wait until the girl is gone before they do malicious things to them in order to hurt them.

When male clients come to visit, sex club girls flaunt their cute looks and offer sexual play. Behind the scenes, though, there are some who cause trouble for others. Obviously, it’s not often they will tell this to male clients, and the customers rarely notice this is going on.

Hiding things and throwing things away are very common

One of the most common malicious acts done by club girls to other women they don’t care for is hiding things and throwing things away. When a woman they don’t like is offering services to a customer, they will go through her purse, throw away her snacks, etc.

Also, so that the girl can’t get revenge on them, some women will go so far as to wrap chains around their own purses and food in the refrigerator to secure everything with a padlocks.

Girls who are the victim of such acts suffer psychological distress and often quit their jobs. As for those who don’t quit, some suffer from so much stress that they become ill to the point you can tell they don’t feel well by just looking at them.

Jealousy related to work, not conflicting personalities, is the main cause of this infighting. Thoughts that lead to these actions include “She’s being given more free customers (male clients who don’t select specific girls) than me,” or “I don’t like how she’s doing so well.” These thoughts give way to dislike and, eventually, malicious acts.

In some cases, club girls that have nothing to do with the conflict get drawn in, and fights break out between groups. This can result in divided factions within a single club. Because of this trouble, some sex clubs have transitioned from having women wait in the same area to having them wait in private rooms.

There is also one more reason for switching to private rooms. In some cases, when one girl would leave one sex club for another club, other girls who were close to that girl would leave with her. Private rooms are also helpful in preventing this type of staff outflow.

Cases of cyber bullying are also becoming more prevalent

Along with the expansion of the Internet, club girls have also taken to information searches and SNS (Social Networking Services). With club girls transmitting their status on blogs and SNS, there are cases where other girls use the Internet to bully them.

There are cases when some girls will post negative comments on another girl’s SNS, or post baseless rumors on her message board.

Due to the wide scope of the Internet, there are now more and more cases of girls from multiple sex clubs getting drawn into bullying. This can happen when a girl who’s being harassed at one club uses the web to reach out to girls from other clubs, and can result in fights between entire sex clubs.

In this way, even cute club girls can be involved in intense rivalry behind the scenes. If a girl at a sex club appears to be under the weather, interpersonal relationships could be the cause. Of course, you shouldn’t get too involved, but it wouldn’t hurt to kindly ask “Is something wrong? You don’t look well.”