The truth behind sex girls’ homepage photos and profiles


Sex clubs have homepages on the Internet where they post photographs of their girls along with individual profiles. Customers will become interested in a girl by looking at her individual page, make a reservation, and visit the club where she works. A common issue with this process, however, has to do with the photographs.

Men judge the appearances of club girls from photographs posted on their homepages. Appearance is an extremely important aspect for selecting a woman. After going all the way to visit the girl at the sex club, however, there is a relatively high probability that the girl you meet will be nothing like the photograph you viewed on her homepage.

Panel magic created by professional photographers and editing software

Touchups known as panel magic are commonly performed on the photographs of sex club girls. Panel magic is the process of touching up a photograph of a girl so that she looks more attractive than she actually is.

Recently, panel magic is commonly performed by sex clubs, and there are two main methods that they employ.

The first method is using a professional photographer. Professionals can use their skills to produce a high-quality photograph that looks completely different than the actual subject. Photographs released by sex clubs have a direct effect on sales. As a result, this is an area where they don’t mind spending a bit extra.

Another method is to touch up photographs using image editing software. Using a computer, you can make a variety of different designs. And, by utilizing photo editing software, anyone can create photographs that appear to be on a professional level. This process is also used on the photographs of club girls.

By taking photographs by professional photographers, and further editing them using computer software, you get the finalized photographs used for panels and albums by sex clubs. This is how they get photographs that are worthy of being referred to as “magical.”

These photographs may be inspiring for sex club staff, but they can also cause disappointment for visiting customers.

There are reasons why panel magic is necessary

Panel magic has been getting more and more sophisticated, leaving trails of disappointed men in its wake. This technology is not a good thing for the customers who visit sex clubs. For the club girls, though, there are circumstances that demand it.

For some girls, it is difficult to dedicate themselves to their sexual services when they feel exposed. Therefore, it is common for them to psychologically become the girl depicted in the panel magic photograph in order to properly perform their job.

Panel magic is not just a technology to create false appearances; it is also a kind of magic that can transform a woman into a sex club girl.

Profiles are also made to stand out

In addition to the girls’ photographs, their profiles also tend to be quite separated from reality. In most cases, male staff decide on what to indicate on the club girls’ profiles, often making choices like “She’s actually 28 years old, but with these looks, I think she could pass as 23.”

Some sex clubs indicate the ages of their girls to be about 10 years younger than they actually are. Most men who select these women feel that something is wrong, but go through with the sexual play, anyway. There was also an instance when one customer who visited a sex club after seeing a girl’s profile brought up her age in conversation. The girl hurriedly accessed her homepage to check what was written.

For these reasons, sex club profiles should only be used as reference material. It’s best not to accept the numbers as written, but rather consider whether or not they are acceptable even if they were to be slightly exaggerated.

There are some clubs that promote “no panel magic” as a selling point

Most sex clubs are using panel magic to great extents. However, due to recent complaints and reactions from male customers, some clubs have completely done away with panel magic. There are also some clubs that advertise the fact that no panel magic was performed on their photographs.

Male clients who are disappointed after being tricked by panel magic may visit a given club one time, but they cannot be expected to become repeat customers. Also, due to the expansion of the Internet, there is also the possibility of negative reviews spreading on message boards. Therefore, clubs that don’t perform panel magic are operating under the assumption that relaying accurate information will lead to future repeat customers.

In this way, there have recently been slight improvements in the photographs and profiles presented by sex clubs. However, there are still many clubs that post content which is very different from the true appearance and profile information of their girls. I recommend selecting sex club girls under the assumption that these modifications are being performed.