Exchanging contact information with club girls, and going on outside dates


After visiting a sex club, there are some cases where a particular girl gets your attention. Many men feel like they want to develop a deeper relationship with such a girl, and succeed at exchanging contact information and going on dates by approaching her. Going on a date with a club girl outside of the club is referred to as going on an outside date.

I will now explain how to exchange contact information, and what to pay extra attention to when on an outside date.

Exchanging contact information is surprisingly easy

Exchanging contact information with a club girl actually tends to be very straightforward. Once you’ve gotten to know the girl to a certain extent, all you have to do is suggest that you exchange your information. There are also times when the girl will suggest the exchange.

However, this doesn’t mean that the girl is into you, but rather tends to be a part of her sales activities. The wage system of club girls is constructed so that the more they get designated by a customer, the more salary they receive. Because of this, the girls will go to great extents to continue being designated. One such method is exchanging contact information.

By exchanging contact information with male customers, club girls can contact them with information about discounted special events and their personal work schedules. However, they also may contact their customers privately, and chat on topics other than club information. This also tends to be done with the purpose of getting closer to the men so that they are more inclined to retain interest and visit the girl at the sex club.

Male customers may be inclined to think that the club girl has a specific interest in them, but, in general, this all tends to be a part of her sales activities. There is no need to become disappointed by this fact; exchanging contact information with club girls is not a mistake. I suggest simply enjoying being able to communicate with a club girl that you like.

Wait until you’ve visited the club a number of times before attempting outside dates

After you’ve exchanged contact information and designated the girl a number of times during visits to the club, there are cases when you will be able to go on an outside date with her. There are often two circumstances where a girl will agree to an outside date. One of these circumstances is the same as exchanging contact information – just a part of her sales activities. If she goes on an outside date with her male clients, they will become even more infatuated with her.

Men tend to think that, since a club girl is willing to go on a date with them, the girl must really be interested in them. However, club girls are extremely tough. Having interacted with so many people, they are very adept at capturing a guy’s heart. Even if you manage to get an outside date, you should keep the perspective that it’s primarily a part of her business activities.

To the man, of course, it’s an enjoyable experience to go on a date with his favorite club girl, even if it’s just part of her job. It’s actually easier to get closer to the girl by enjoying your date just like you would text messages, etc. – by believing it’s all a part of her job and retaining a cool head.

However, there are occasionally times when a club girl will actually develop feelings for a male client. In such an instance, the girl tends to be upfront with her true feelings. She will say something like “I like you, and would like to meet outside of the club,” and you will be able to tell whether or not she’s actually interested by the way she interacts with you.

If her goal is business, she will eventually tell you that she wants you to visit her at the club, no matter what kind of favorable signals she’s giving you. If she actually has feelings for you, she will proactively suggest meeting outside of the club. However, because of the huge number of men approaching club girls, it is very difficult to succeed in having them fall for you.

As your relationship deepens, you can enjoy sexual play outside of the club

By having a number of outside dates, you will be able to enjoy sexual play outside of the club. Some girls think that, by permitting such sexual play, men who like them will end up visiting them at the club more often. There are also cases when a club girl simply likes a guy so much that she’s willing to provide sexual play outside of her club.

Whatever the case, engaging in sexual play with a girl outside of a club is extremely fun. There are even girls who will permit actual intercourse. You can enjoy a special flavor of sex and service that you can’t get inside a sex club, so go ahead and have a good time.

Chatting with a club girl by exchanging contact information and having outside dates can be very enjoyable. If you approach the situation without knowing that it’s all a part of her job, however, you may be tempted to blow all of your money on her, thinking she should be falling for you. I recommend that you enjoy yourself, but be cautious.