Why and when club girls retire


There is no retirement age for sex club girls. They can work as many years as they want, and they can retire whenever they feel like it. When a club girl whom they like retires, her male clients can become very lonely.

Even though there are many reasons for club girls to retire, there is are patterns that most of them share. I will now explain the main reasons for retirement among club girls.

Many women retire after meeting their financial goals

The first case I will introduce is the case where women retire after meeting their financial goals. Many club girls start working because of financial circumstances.

Every woman has their own financial goal, target amount, and planned usage for the money. There are those who created huge debt from host clubs, those who want to start their own business, and those who want to save up for their children’s tuition. Once the women have effectively used their savings, they move onto the next stage of their lives.

This type of retirement is a preferable case for club girls. There has been a recent rise in girls who cannot retire, even if they want to. It’s becoming more difficult to earn a satisfactory income from working at a sex club, and so they never reach their goals. Under these circumstances, being able to achieve one’s saving goals and retire is a very fortunate thing.

There are also women who retire after becoming ill, or contracting an STD

There are also some unfortunate reasons for retiring. One such reason is becoming ill. STDs are particularly a threat among club girls. There are many girls from sex clubs all over Japan that are forced to retire after contracting an STD. STDs are a risk that always accompanies jobs at sex clubs.

The risk of contracting STDs is not as pronounced at masturbation clubs, where customers can’t touch the girls; specialized ear cleaning clubs, where no sexual play occurs; and hostess bars, where customers only talk with the girls. However, at clubs where girls engage in sexual activities with men including pink salons, delivery health, and soaplands, there is a possibility of contracting STDs no matter how careful you are.

For this reason, there are many club girls who constantly take precautions to ward off STDs. These women are always careful to advise men that they should use mouth wash, disinfectant spray, and condoms.

In addition to STDs, a relatively large number of club girls develop psychological disorders. Issues such as panic disorder are especially common. Average women don’t usually go around having sex with different men every day. Club girls are constantly engaging in such activities with men, and that can have a huge influence on their psychological state.

One such woman understood that she needed to work at sex clubs to make a living, but was unable to perform her duties because of psychological distress. She was ordered to stop by her doctor. Retirement caused by these types of illnesses is a very unfortunately occurrence for everyone involved – the girl, her clients, and the club, itself.

Women who retire because they found a boyfriend

There are also women who retire because they found a boyfriend. Many women feel that it is not right to engage in sexual play with other men after they’ve found a man that they truly like, and so they consider retirement.

You might think that, since club girls have sex with so many different men, it would be difficult for them to be bound by one man who they consider as a boyfriend. However, even club girls can commit to a single guy.

It is also common for club girls to enter into a relationship with men who were once their own clients. Many club girls experience relationships that develop from intimate feelings during naked relations between them and their customers.

There are also a number of club girls who plan their weddings and start working at normal companies or restaurants after finding a boyfriend.

This is also an extremely happy way to retire for a club girl. Male clients might feel disappointed that they weren’t chosen, but I recommend trying to be happy for the girl. In this way, there are a variety of reasons for a club girl’s retirement. Some reasons are pleasant, and some are not.