There are a variety of restrictions on a sex club girl’s lifestyle


Sex club girls tend to be looked down upon by society. Furthermore, their employment capacity is not seen as a fulltime employee, but rather a sole proprietor. For this reason, if they desire various services that require social credibility, such as applying for a credit card, etc., they will be put at a disadvantage.

I will now explain how sex club girls are benefiting from services that are necessary in order to receive social credibility. Even though sex girls may be bright and cute, there are cases when they are having difficulties in their everyday life.

It is difficult for sex club girls to pass rental checks

One thing that is difficult for club girls who are just beginning their jobs is moving. When moving, it is necessary for them to decide on a new rental property. Before entering a contract, however, they will have to undergo a credit check.

It is common for real-estate companies to be affiliated with screening companies that review credentials (information about payment of private fees, occupation, and income). When you apply for a rental property, a screening company will perform a credit check to confirm whether or not you are a person who is capable of paying rent.

Many sex club girls find it difficult to pass this check. Many real estate owners will distance themselves from people in the nightclub scene in order to avoid trouble. Even if such a woman has enough savings to pay rent, there is a possibility they will fail a credit check.

Because this happens so frequently, many sex clubs will introduce their girls to real estate agents and properties. There are many cases where the women working at sex clubs are troubled by living arrangements. This is why there are a number of instances when the club will be affiliated with real estate agents who are willing to accept people who work the nightclub scene.

They will introduce these agents to women who they offer employment to. There are also cases where other women working at the same club will introduce their own agent.

There are also real estate agents who simply want to be of help to people in this line of work. These agents proactively search for properties where it is easy for club girls to pass credit checks.

The need for day cares and nurseries among sex club girls

There are also single mothers who work as sex club girls. Many of these women want to drop off their children at daycares or nurseries while they are working, but they run into problems.

Numerous nurseries and daycare facilities will not accept the children of sex club girls or people in similar professions. Licensed facilities are particularly strict in this respect. Some single mothers who intend to start a sex club job are unable to do so because they can’t find a facility that will take care of their children.

There are some clubs whose parent companies also run nurseries so that club girls can do their jobs. Also, as in the case with real estate agents, clubs will partner with unlicensed daycares in order to find facilities for the children of their women.

Obtaining social credibility by creating an alibi

There are many other disadvantages that club girls experience. When applying for a credit card, there are a number of women who are notified that they failed their credit check. In such a case, club girls tend to rely on debit cards. Debit cards, which instantly withdraw money from their bank accounts, are easier to get issued, and many club women who give up on credit cards choose debit cards, instead.

There are also cases where women working as club girls are put at a disadvantage when looking for other work. During their job search, it is actually a strike against them if they note their club girl experience on their resumes, etc.

This is why some sex club choose to partner with alibi companies. Alibi companies are companies that make it seem as though club girls are working at ordinary companies during the time they are performing their club duties. In addition to aiding job searches, there are also examples of alibi companies making it easier to pass credit checks by making it seem that women were working at a different, more legitimate, company.

There is a possibility that what alibi companies are doing is against the law. However, one might say that their existence is necessary because they support the inconvenient lives of sex club girls. It is therefore difficult to say that they are reprehensible just because they are illegal.

In this way, club girls live life while struggling with a variety of limitations. Ordinary companies have an extremely negative view of club jobs, but, in order to improve the current situation, it is important for the corporate world to recognize the occupation of club girl as an admirable job.