Income and expenditures of soap girls


Girls who work at soaplands are called soap girls. Sex clubs do not generally allow actual sexual intercourse, but intercourse is implicitly allowed at soaplands, which operate as bathing houses where sex occurs as an act of free love between male clients and the women who work there.

Actual intercourse is seen as the highest level of available sex club services. For this reason, fees at soaplands are higher than at other sex clubs. This is one reason why soap girls also tend to have high salaries.

For those people who are curious as to how much a soap girl makes, I will now detail the income and expenditures of soap girls.

The profit structure for soap girls

In general, soaplands charge three separate fees: a bathing fee, a service fee, and a designation fee. The bathing fee is the share of profit taken by the club, the service fee is the share of profit taken by the soap girl, and the designation fee is money charged for selecting a specific girl that either all goes to the girl, or is divided between the girl and the club. This differs from club to club.

Soap girls tend to be pay the most attention to service fees. Depending on the club, they may also be concerned with designation fees. In general, the service fees for soaplands range from 1.5 to 2 times the amount of the bathing fee.

In most cases, soaplands charge their service fees separately from their bathing fees and designation fees. Customers pay bathing/designation fees to the club when they enter and later pay service fees directly to the girl.

Since actual intercourse is generally prohibited in sex clubs, soaplands operate under the banner of a special bathing facility equipped with private rooms. If soaplands were to charge everything, including the service fees, upfront, police would question why customers were being charged so much to do nothing more than take a bath. This is why soaplands have the self-imposed rule of not displaying all three charges upfront.

Deductions from income (misc. expenditures)

Service fees and designation fees are a part of a soap girl’s income, but there are also misc. expenditures that are deducted. These are expenses that are paid to the club by the soap girl.

There are a number of supplies needed by the club in order to provide services to male clients. This includes tooth brushes and mouthwashes for use prior to play; lotions and condoms for use during play; and beverages, etc. for consumption after play. It costs money to prepare all these items.

Club utilities obviously cost money, as well. These include electricity along with gas and water for the bathing area.

It is necessary for the soap girls to cover a portion of these club expenses. For each male customer, about 1,000 – 5,000 JPY is deducted from the girl’s income at most clubs. In general, higher end soaplands collect more expenses from their girls. In order to provide high levels of service, more and more costs become involved. This is because such establishments use high-grade furnishings and amenities.

There are soaplands that don’t deduct expenses, but these tend to be clubs where the quality of service is questionable. In the end, the final profit for each soap girl doesn’t differ much from clubs that collect such expenses.

Other expenses paid by soap girls

There are also other expenses that soap girls pay. Soap girls operate a sole proprietorship known as a companion business. This requires them to pay taxes. When submitting their income tax returns, they often calculate the costs of items required for their jobs as expenses.

Costs that soap girls can calculate as expenses include costs for profile picture, makeup, STD tests, mattresses, etc. Some clubs will make the girls cover these costs, which often amount to tens of thousands of Japanese yen per month.

How much do soap girls make?

Soap girls have an income and expenditures as described above. We will now try to calculate their approximate monthly income using these examples.

Let’s say there’s a soapland that charges a bathing fee of 20,000 JPY and a service fee of 40,000 JPY for a total of 60,000 JPY. Let’s also assume there is no designation fee for this particular establishment. So, a soap girl will receive 40,000 JPY per customer.

We will also say that a soap girl works 5 days out of the week and renders services to 3 men per day. In effect, this soap girl will receive 40,000 JPY X 15 clients = 600,000 JPY each week for a monthly total of 2,400,000 JPY. However, clubs also offer special “time services” and lower prices depending on the season. We also have to deduct the misc. expenditures and costs explained above.

Considering all of this, fairly popular soap girls should be receiving around 1,000,000 – 2,000,000 JPY per month in income. This total will obviously vary depending on popularity and number of days worked. Some very popular soap girls receive even more.

Soaplands are called the gods of sex clubs. It might also be said that soap girls are the queens of sex club girls.