A woman who overcame a traumatic past to become a popular sex club girl


There are some girls working at sex clubs who have had traumatic experiences in their past. In particular, there are many women who began sex club jobs due to having past trauma with men.

Some women who’ve had this kind of intense traumatic experience have flourished at sex clubs to become very popular club girls. I will now introduce a case where a woman overcame past trauma to become a popular sex club girl.

Developing androphobia (the fear of men) from domestic violence and rape

There was a woman who had been the victim of domestic violence from a young age. The domestic violence from her father began when she was a young child, and it continued until she was 18 years old. Details of domestic violence vary from household to household. In this woman’s case, what began as verbal abuse gradually escalated into physical violence.

Once the violence began, her cheeks were always black and blue, and she would constantly suffer injuries. In addition, this woman also endured acts of sexual harassment, including breast groping, etc., from people around her since a young age. Boys about the same age as her who lived in the same neighborhood would sexually harass her to the point that it became a regular thing. These acts continued for a number of years.

Other men also started to harass her, and she began to feel that there was something about her that caused sexually abusive men to gravitate to her.

In the midst of such experiences, this woman first started compensated dating when she was 15 years old. Compensated dating is where a woman performs sexual acts on a man in exchange for money. At the time, she was a member of a telekura, or telephone club, a sex club service that introduces members of the opposite sex by phone. She would go to hotels with the men she met and have sex with them. In return, she would receive 30,000 JPY per session. That’s how she began her life as a prostitute.

This is when the woman realized that the men around her who had inflicted domestic violence upon her were nothing more than an object of her disgust. Men who paid to receive sex were kind. She also started to find a little humor in the image of a nude man standing upright with an erect penis.

She ran away from home and made her debut as a sex club girl

After graduating middle school, she ran away from home with a friend. She then lied about her age and began working at a snack pub. Since she didn’t have any money at the time, she wasn’t able to buy textbooks or uniforms so that she could attend high school. By earning money at her live-in job at the snack pub, however, she was able to go to high school. Even though she had run away from home, she was able to receive money and return home.

She debuted as a sex club girl when she was 16 years old. She became interested and applied when she spotted a sex club wanted ad for a job that offered a New Year’s bonus for coming into work at the end of the year. As a high-school girl, the prospect of 35,000 JPY a day was very attractive, and she began considering the sex industry as an occupation.

That’s how her life of attending high school during the daytime and working at fashion health clubs at night began. Most of her income was spent as living expenses, but her account balance continued to steadily increase. Even then, she continued to be victimized by domestic abuse, and left her parent’s house when she turned 18. She then decided to move to Tokyo and make a career out of sex club prostitution.

Experiencing success, she became a popular club girl

She accumulated experiences through jobs at sex clubs to become a popular club girl. In order to make more money, and as a result of the domestic violence and sexual harassment she endured in her past, she felt the desire to be in a position where she could control men.

While working at a variety of sex clubs including image clubs, wife fashion health clubs, delivery health, etc., she researched how to act in order to make men fall for her. And, despite not having read many books up to that point, she began reading everything from newspapers to business literature.

From her vast studies and experiences, she was able to achieve the mental state of a successful sex club girl. After engaging in sexual activity with numerous men, she finally found success.

In this way, there are people who are deeply distressed by past experience. On the other hand, though, there are also people who can become extremely successful by turning such trauma into an opportunity. You shouldn’t dredge up past experiences with sex club girls during conversations at play sessions, but it’s good to know that there are a lot of club girls who have such a past.