What leads girls to work at Japanese sex clubs?


From the eyes of society at large, working at a sex club is a bit of an unusual profession. Many people want to know what leads girls to work there. Generally, there are three patterns.

1. Scouted on the street

The first is being picked up on the street by a professional “scout man.” In larger cities, these guys ply their trade along the street, calling out to girls and asking them if they want to work at a sex club. Some girls who may be turned off by the idea at first will eventually take an interest and visit the shop.

These scout men don’t cut right to the chase. They slyly act friendly to the girls, almost as though they’re trying to get a date. Once they earn a girl’s trust, they open up about the shop. Some girls may wish they would earn more cash, so the appeal of earning big bucks at a shop convinces them.

When scout men get girls to work at the shop, the original guy who signed the girl gets a commission when she works. This enables the scout men to draw a paycheck and have incentive to recruit more girls. Many of the top-performing scout men and girls earn upwards of ¥1M a month.

Sometimes, this recruitment process escalates into major incidents, such as where a scout man has a girl get into debt and then presents working at the club as a solution to pay back the money. In other words, sometimes these scouts are so hell-bent on getting girls into the clubs that they find ways to financially entrap them.

For these and other reasons, “scouting” is sometimes considered disturbing the peace, and these kinds of entrapment are in some cases restricted by the Anti-social Behavior Act. Women cite being approached by unknown men as a cause for fear, be they scout men or not.

2. Introduced by a friend

Some girls begin working after an introduction by a friend or acquaintance. If someone they know is already in that line of work, they have the advantage of being able to ask about any uncertainties and get the inside scoop before starting.

Working at a sex club in Japan entails a high wage, but there are issues of concern for girls considering work there. They want to know if there will be altercations with customers or if the shop will force them to engage in some extreme sort of sex act. When a girl knows someone who works at a shop, they can ask their girlfriend for advice and, with a clear mind, begin working.

Introductions from a friend are trustworthy – they’re essentially “girlfriend-approved.” If a girl’s friend has a good experience at a sex club, the girl will feel more inclined to try it. She will be less likely to quit right away or get into any problems.

3. Applying online

Recently, girls are applying through online want ads. Almost all sex clubs now have job listings on their web sites for both men and women. The information on these web sites may seem to cater exclusively to male patrons at first glance, but if you dig deep enough, you will find the job listings for ladies.

Sex clubs in Japan today are under fierce competition with each other – they are all vying to recruit the best girls. If the job does not turn out to live up to the initial listing, the girls will quit right away. For this reason, many shops have been shoring up their employment packages, with high wages, a stable work environment, and a welcoming climate for beginners.

Many shops now also let girls do a trial internship. After all, many girls are uncertain about suddenly switching to this career track, so this gives them a chance to see it behind the scenes before they fully begin work.

As mentioned, most Japanese sex clubs maintain web sites with job listings continuously soliciting new members. In other words, it’s a seller’s market for girls, who want compare shops and select the best conditions.

You will also find job listings in sex club magazines. These are less used today, given how mainstream the Internet has become.

Many girls begin work through one of the ways above. It might be useful to have this knowledge in your back pocket.