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Types and characteristics of sex clubs

Soapland, pink salons, and fashion health

Delivery health, image clubs, and chonnoma

JK reflexology, masturbation clubs, and oppai pubs

Sex clubs that even otaku can enjoy: anime cosplay soaplands and virgins

Different varieties of health clubs

Points of caution when visiting sex clubs

Should I visit alone or with a buddy?

Make sure you look and smell nice for the club girls

Risks of sex clubs: STDs (chlamydia, herpes) and condoms

Are people ever arrested for visiting a sex club?

Dangers that prospective clients of the sex industry need to be aware of

Things to know beforehand

What you have to do after visiting a brothel

Four tips to avoid getting ripped off

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Behavior that is not allowed in brothels

What happens if someone misbehaves in a brothel?

How to enjoy sex clubs

How to behave after finishing play with a club girl and until you leave the club

Can you date a club girl?

Four things to keep in mind when engaging with a popular prostitute

The best time of year to visit

Six things you should never do in a brothel

Perverted male customers who visit sex clubs

Communication with club girls

What should I talk to the girl about before we get started?

What kind of gifts can you give to a prostitute?

The three types of women that are the most popular among brothel clients

Three types of women that are perfect for the veteran brothel client

Four points for enjoying club sex play even more

Three techniques that will make club girls happy during sex play

The society surrounding Japan’s sex industry

The origins of delivery health and services provided

Reasons to use photo diaries to choose a sex club girl

Why Korean delivery health has increased in Japan, and its characteristics

The influence of online pornography on the Japanese sex industry

Are the women who work at wife-only sex clubs actually wives?

Groups with ties to the sex industry

Connections between Japanese sex clubs and the police

The relationship between the adult entertainment world and gangs in Japan

How does a police search of a brothel’s premises work?