How to behave after finishing play with a club girl and until you leave the club


After finishing play and ejaculating, some men can become a little cold. They might become aloof or take on an arrogant attitude towards the club girl, which doesn’t leave her with a good impression.

One might say that a visit to a sex club and sexual play with a club girl doesn’t end until you have a post-play conversation, exchange goodbyes, and walk out the door of the club. I will now explain how to behave after finishing play and until you leave the club.

Conversing after play can bring you closer

I definitely recommend enjoying a conversation with a club girl after play. Some men may find conversation to be a pain after expending all of their energy, but women still are charged up after play finishes. This is a difference between a man and a woman. Men tend to feel different immediately after play, and women tend to place importance on the afterglow of sexual play.

It doesn’t matter what you talk about. You can engage in mindless chatter, or get worked up about some raunchy story. Once you’ve pressed your bodies together, it’s easy to chat with one another.

After spending some time enjoying your talk, your session will end and the club’s timer will go off. At this point, it’s important to note the comment that the girl left on the back of her business card. Once you develop a closer relationship, the comment she leaves will get longer, and she will remind you of things that happened during play. If the atmosphere wasn’t so great, girls will usually leave only non-committal comments.

Sometimes the girl will give you her contact information. Many times they will leave business contact information, but if you left a good impression, she might even provide her personal contact info.

In this way, the relationship between you and a club girl can be greatly influenced by whether or not you have an interesting post-play conversation. Since it can mean the difference between a good or bad sex club experience, it’s best to put effort into your conversations.

Being a gentleman leaves a good impression

In general, being arrogant or overbearing during play or while having a conversation with a club girl will not leave a good impression. It is important to deal with her in a kind, gentleman-like way.

Mistaking a single play session to mean that you developed a deep relationship with a club girl, becoming too clingy, and continuously making requests is a big turn off.

It’s also not a good idea to say something that insinuates sex club jobs are for lowlifes. Many club girls work with pride, feeling that they are a professional in their field. Inexperienced customers tend to say something like this out of embarrassment, but such words can be hurtful.

Sex clubs are an admirable profession. The best idea is to say something like “Thank you. I had a great time,” and make the girl happy.

Part ways in a smooth manner

After receiving a business card following your play session, the girl will take your hand and guide you to the waiting area. This is where the fun part ends. If you developed a good relationship, the girl may give you a parting kiss. This might excite you and tempt you to start flirting with her again, but it’s important to display a gentleman-like attitude.

By leaving smoothly, after saying something like “Thank you. I’ll see you again soon,” the club girl will be left with the impression that you know your manners.

Also note that the girl will only guide you to the waiting room. When you’re about to leave, the male staff will see you out. They often ask something like “How was it today?” Here, too, it’s best to build a good relationship with the staff and say something to the effect of “It was fun. I’ll be back.” This will ensure that you get good service when you come back later as a repeat customer.

In this way, sex club visits don’t end immediately after play with a club girl. These are points you should consider in order to make your club experiences even better.