What you have to do after visiting a brothel


A brothel visit is very enjoyable, but there are a few things you should do after a session. Any sexual activity in a brothel carries some risk of sexually transmittable diseases. Most clients gargle, brush their teeth, and wash their hands before a session as a precautionary measure, but there are also some things that have to be done after the session is over.

Let us take a look at some of the things you should do after a session in a brothel.

Take a bath or shower

The first thing you should do after coming home from a brothel is take a bath or a shower. During a session, the client will often touch his tongue to the woman’s body and the woman will also lick parts of his body in return. If the woman gives her client a blowjob, she will obviously touch her tongue to his body.

Of course this is all no different from having sex with a woman in normal circumstances. However, a prostitute has a higher risk of being infected with a sexually transmitted disease because she services many clients. That is why clients should bathe after a session.

You may feel a little bad for the woman who gave you such a good time if you wash yourself immediately after coming home, but it is necessary. Sexually transmitted diseases will announce themselves through severe pain and pus coming from the genitals. You will definitely regret it if you catch one.

Of course you should clean not just your body but also your groin area. Take care to wash your genitals thoroughly, especially if you have received a blowjob.

Gargling and brushing your teeth

You should gargle and brush your teeth after every session, just like you do before the session. The reason for this is the same as the reason for the shower. Prostitutes service many clients, and they often only lock lips with these clients, but also French-kiss them. This means there is a risk of a mouth infection instead of in the genitals.

Gargling with water is usually enough, but you can also use specialized mouthwash for a stronger sterilizing effect. You should also brush your teeth again.

Practicing body and oral hygiene can greatly reduce the risk of infection with sexually transmitted diseases.

Putting away business cards

When you visit a brothel, the woman you choose will often give you a business card. This business card will have the brothel’s name on the front and space on the back for the prostitute to write her name and a comment. If you bring it with you the next time you visit, you sometimes get a discount.

Getting these hand-written notes from women you like is one of the small pleasures you can enjoy after a session at a brothel. However, if members of your family discover that you have this kind of card, the worst-case scenario is that you will have a terrible fight on your hands.

This is why it is better to put the business cards in a safe place immediately after you get home, so no family members can stumble across them. The wives of married men often react very angrily if they discover that their husband has been visiting brothels. Reportedly, many women make the shocking discovery of their husbands’ brothel visits when they find business cards from brothels in the house.

Some might say that it is natural for men to visit brothels. However, you should take precautions so you do not end up hurting those around you.

Getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases

You might feel a severe pain in your groin area several days after visiting a brothel. If that happens, chances are high that you were infected with a sexually transmitted disease. You should visit a urologist immediately so you can get tested and treated for any diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases can be extremely painful and serious.

You will also have to expose your genitals in front of doctors and nurses, which can be quite humiliating. To avoid all this, consider getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases whenever necessary, before you actually get sick.

Feeling melancholic after a brothel visit

Many people report feeling somewhat melancholic after a brothel visit. They say that they have a lot of fun during their session, but all of those good feelings leave them as soon as they step outside the brothel, and they end up with only a peculiar sadness that they have no idea how to deal with. It is probably best to think of this feeling of melancholia as a part of the brothel experience. Actually, the experience of “simulated love” you can have in a brothel is probably made more enjoyable by the fact that the feelings involved do not last.

There are also people who say that, while they felt melancholic after walking out of a session with a random prostitute, the feelings of melancholia ceased after they found a particular woman they liked a lot. Some even report that they stopped feeling sad after brothel visits when they got themselves a girlfriend. For them, brothel visits became a form of relaxation for those times when they were worn out from interacting with their girlfriend.

Putting together all these disparate experiences, it seems that melancholia is likely to creep up on you when you use brothels purely to satisfy sexual desires. If you want to be rid of the feeling, you should probably find a particular prostitute you like as soon as possible, or find a girlfriend.

As you can see, many things need to be done to wrap up a brothel visit. Make sure not to forget anything.