Delivery health, image clubs, and chonnoma


There are a wide variety of different sex clubs in Japan. The most popular are probably soaplands, fashion health clubs, delivery health, etc.

However, in order to get the most out of a sex club, it extremely important to know the different types of clubs that actually exist. Since there is such a wide selection, knowing all the options allows you to increase the probability of getting the experience you desire.

This time, I would like to introduce the following three kinds of sex clubs: delivery health, image clubs, and chonnoma.

Delivery health

Delivery health, as the name suggests, is a deliverable form of fashion health clubs, and is similar to call girl services. In principle, however, these services do not offer true intercourse.

Delivery health girls will be dispatched to a designated location of the client’s choosing. These locations tend to be hotel rooms prepared by the clients specifically for this service.

Services are similar to fashion health clubs. Groping, blowjobs, and sumata are the most common. In principal, true intercourse is not allowed, and penalty fees will be charged if this rule is violated.

One of the advantages of delivery health is that, since no club is involved, it gives you the freedom to experience a girlfriend-type situation.

Also, since the potential of delivery health girls being found out by relatives, etc. is much lower than working at a club, delivery girls tend to be of a higher level than other clubs.

There are a wide range of delivery health service levels. Some start at 10,000 JPY and others can be upwards of 100,000 JPY.

One thing to be careful of with these services is that, if you designate a place far away from the delivery health location, there may be additional travel charges, etc.

Image clubs

Image clubs are a bit different than other sex clubs. Their selling point is to satisfy male fetishes, and they can be broadly separated into two categories – club type and dispatch type.

The thrill of this service lies in being able to live out dream situations. One of the most common scenarios is the train molester scenario. In this situation, a girl from the club will dress in a high school girl uniform or other similar apparel and will allow herself to be groped by the client (train passenger). Just from listening to the image, it might seem like a person would tire of the farce since the whole thing is actually just make believe. However, there are a lot of amateurs in these clubs who respond to the play in a very believable fashion.

Since the train molester situation requires a rather large set to work with, it tends to be performed at physical image clubs rather than dispatch-type image clubs.

Dispatch-type image clubs usually use hotels. A common theme with these dispatches is the nighttime sneaking scenario. In this situation, either the man sneaks in on a sleeping girl, or the girl sneaks in on the sleeping client. The roles can be decided on the spot.

One thing that can be said about all image clubs is that all of the activity is softcore. If you’re looking for something more hardcore, you need to select a different type of club. The cost tends to be over 10,000 JPY, a relatively reasonable price.

Chonnoma (quickie clubs)

Chonnoma, or quickie clubs, are a little less known than delivery health or image clubs, but the experience they provide is much different. Up until now, we talked about satisfying psychological needs with girlfriend scenarios and dream situations. Services at chonnoma, however, almost exclusively satisfy physical needs with actual intercourse.

As the name implies, the length of service is short, ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour at longest (including actual intercourse).

The girls at these places tend to be detached in their approach. As a result, chonnoma are recognized as places to simply satisfy sexual desire.

A well-known brothel district with chonnoma is Tobita Shinchi in Osaka. Watching older women in front of the shops trying to draw customers to the chonnoma can be a rather bizarre sight.

I hope this helps you understand how many different types of sex clubs there are in Japan. By going to a club that meets your objectives, you can maximize the pleasure of your nighttime experience.