Four points for enjoying club sex play even more


Club girls try their hardest to provide customers with the best possible service. However, they are only human, and sometimes their level of service will vary from customer to customer.

When enjoying time with a girl, everyone wants to receive the best possible service. If you can cover the following four points, you can receive even better service without paying more money.

1. Pay attention to cleanliness

If you want to receive good service from a club girl, cleanliness is very important. There are two main points to cleanliness: appearance and body odor.

Girls are more sensitive to cleanliness than men. This is also true of club girls. If you look disheveled, the girls will have a negative first impression of you, and will not provide you with good sex play.

For these reasons, it’s best to be careful of your clothing when you go to a sex club. You don’t have to be a fashion expert to change your image. Just wearing a simple shirt and slacks from an affordable brand will do wonders. Neat and clean clothing gives off the best impression.

Also, be sure to bathe before coming to a sex shop. Having dandruff in your hair or strong body order will turn off most girls. Be sure to wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo and clean your body well with soap or body wash.

2. Don’t just enjoy the sex, have fun talking

After arriving at the girl’s room, some men will begin sex play without saying a word. However, it is not possible to get the most enjoyable play in this way.

It’s important to enjoy the initial conversation with the girl before starting your sex play. By talking, you both get to know each other, and are more likely to become passionate during play.

Of course, the longer you chat, the shorter the time left for physical activity. Despite that, I still suggest conversation. Even a 5-minute or so conversation can provide enough time to get to know one another. In addition to the content of the conversation, it is also possible to read people from the tone of their voice, the general aura they exude, etc.

However, there are some men who find it difficult to hold a conversation with the opposite sex. Since time is limited at a sex club, such people should prepare topics of conversation in advance. All you have to do is think of initial small talk such as “How are you?” or “It’s really hot today, isn’t it?” The girls are professionals, so they will continue the conversation.

It can also be nice to have a conversation after play is finished. There are many women who would rather enjoy the afterglow of the experience than immediately turn off their emotions. It is also easy to leave a lasting impression with these types of conversations, making it likely that the girl will remember you the next time.

3. Compliment the girl during sex play

Complementing the girl during sex play is important. Most women enjoy being complemented, and will be more likely to provide good service. It’s important to tell them things like “You’re amazing,” or “That feels good.”

Even in boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, many women wonder how they are supposed to understand how you feel if you don’t speak up. If you feel good, but don’t say anything, they may wonder if they are satisfying you and become anxious.

Girls strive to do more when they are complimented. Compliments will be returned to you through superior service, so don’t hold them back.

4. Give small gifts

Although not necessary for the first time, if you select the same girl a second time or more, they will probably appreciate receiving a gift.

There is no need to give an expensive gift. If the girl said that she enjoyed sweets during your last conversation, for example, you might consider buying her some newly released confectionaries, etc.

It will make the girl happy that you even remembered what she likes, and even happier that you gave it to her as a present.

The best presents to make girls happy are small gifts. If you offer them a brand-named bag or other expensive item, it will feel too serious, and they are likely to be turned off by it.

If you follow the above four points, club girls will tend to offer you superior service. The quality of service can change rather significantly by being just a little more perceptive than usual. If you end up at a sex club, please feel free to try incorporating the above strategies and enjoy your time.