Different varieties of health clubs


There are a number of different kinds of sex clubs, but the most common are health clubs. These are establishments where girls offer services including blow jobs, French kissing, and sumata (a Japanese sexual term in which the female rubs and tightens her labia majora against the male’s penis, without actual penetration). Health clubs are even accessible for men who don’t have prior sex club experience, and are very popular.

There are also a number of different varieties of health clubs. Clubs that gather together women of a certain type are particularly popular. I will now introduce some of the most popular kinds.

Maid health clubs

Maid health clubs are health clubs where girls dressed up as maids perform services for men. There are also regular sex clubs that offer maid cosplay services, but the content is quite different.

Girls at maid health clubs don’t just dress up as maids, they also imitate the mannerisms and way of speaking of maids. When you meet a girl at one of these establishments they will offer a maid-like greeting like “Welcome back, master.” Even during play, they will say things to titillate a man’s heart like “That feels so good, my master,” and they will present themselves in rather sexy ways.

Many women who work at maid health clubs have rather delicate emotions. So, if you use rough language or actions during play, some of these girls will be turned off. Since this is not conducive to enjoyable play, please be careful.

Wife-only health clubs

Wife-only health clubs are also very popular. Wives in these clubs are usually in their late 20s and are known for their plethora of experience and sensuality. Being married and having so much sexual experience with men, they understand how to make advances on men and give them pleasure.

In addition, women around the age of 30 tend to be more caring than younger women. Since they have so much experience at their disposal, they are able to offer a gentle kind of play that young women are not capable of.

Most women who work at wife-only health clubs are genuine wives. These women tend to be individuals who enjoy sexual play with other men, or people who have no choice but to work at a sex club for one reason or another. Since there are so many women who want to work at health clubs, there’s no need for the club to lie about the girls being married.

North European health clubs

North European health clubs are health clubs where many beautiful white women work. Non-Japanese women tend to be light-skinned and attractive. There is no shortage of Japanese men who would like to enjoy a vigorous play session with a blonde-haired beauty. These north European health clubs exist to make these men’s dreams a reality.

Women in these clubs range from 20-years-old to their 40s, and their ethnicities are extremely diverse. These clubs offer up endless supplies of women from countries including Russia, Spain, France, Finland, and Germany who can teach a man what passion is like in their respective countries.

City centers tend to be gathering places for people of a number of different ethnicities. This is why North European health clubs are limited to places like Tokyo and Osaka. Japanese men may be concerned that it won’t be possible to communicate during play with these foreign women, but, since most of these club girls understand Japanese to some extent, they need not be worried.

Cosplay health clubs

Cosplay health clubs, where women participate in a wide variety of cosplay, also have a well-established popularity. Girls in these establishments dress up for a number of different roles including nurses, police in miniskirts, students in uniforms, etc., and will transform into anything that their customers’ hearts desire for sexual play.

Every man has his own personal preference, but there are certain cosplays that many men are turned on by. Outfits like nurse uniforms are particularly popular. There are a number of men who are excited by the prospect of undressing a girl in a white nurse’s outfit or undoing the buttons on a high school girl’s uniform one by one.

The maid health clubs that I mentioned earlier are also a form of cosplay health club, but maid cosplay is particularly popular and enjoys its own genre of health club.

Fetish health clubs

Fetish health clubs are health clubs where men can satisfy their odder and more extreme sexual desires. Many men like to be the aggressive ones in the bedroom, but there are also men who want women to be the more aggressive ones.

At fetish health clubs, club girls will do various things like sit with their pussies on your face (face riding), participate in golden showers, and play with your nipples. You may feel that these clubs resemble S&M clubs, but fetish clubs tend to offer a more softcore type of play, like placing the woman in a perverted role.

Having girls play with men’s nipples is so popular that a specialized club could be established. Club girls will encourage a customer’s ejaculation by licking, sucking, and fondling his nipples.

In this way, health clubs are the most popular type of sex club and have many different variations. We encourage you to enjoy sexual play at your preferred type of club.