Are the women who work at wife-only sex clubs actually wives?


There are a number of various types of sex clubs, but one genre that boasts a constant high level of popularity is wife-only sex clubs. Most women in these clubs are married and in their mid-20s or older, and they offer sexual services.

However, since engaging in sexual activities with someone else’s wife could normally lead to legal trouble, etc., it’s considered to be taboo. Since wife-only sex clubs give men the opportunity to sexually interact with women who they would normally be forbidden from doing so with, it also provides them with a thrill factor. On the other hand, I would also assume that there are men who wonder if these women are actually someone else’s wives, and if it is acceptable to enjoy sexual activities with them.

I will now introduce the system employed by wife-only sex clubs and their general characteristics.

The majority of women working at wife-only sex clubs are married

Most women who work at wife-only sex clubs are genuinely married. There is a surprising number of women who want to work at sex clubs despite being married to someone else.

There are a variety of reasons behind this phenomenon, but most cases involve wives who want to have sex partners other than their husbands, wives who are left sexually unsatisfied with their husbands, and wives who crave sex while their husbands are away for extended periods of time.

So, even if there are cases where clubs lie about a single woman being a wife, the reason that wife-only clubs exist is that there is a number of wives who reply to wanted ads posted by such establishments. These types of women are appealing to men, making this genre one of the most popular.

The appeal of married women

There are actually a number of specialized wife-only clubs exclusively featuring young wives, mature wives, etc. However, the most popular age group is around 30 years old. In general, men tend to prefer young women in their early 20s. There are also a relatively large number of men, though, who are themselves in their late 20s or older, that are attracted to 30-year-old or so women.

One aspect of married women that men find appealing is that they possess sexual techniques which young women don’t have. Women who are around 30 years of age have more sexual experiences than younger girls. Through those experiences, they accumulate skills that can sexually satisfy men.

Many men who like married women want the woman to be aggressive, using her techniques to make advances. They also tend to be passive, or mama’s boys.

In addition to possessing superior techniques, many men feel that women around the age of 30 have a unique sultriness and relaxed air about them. The perk and cuteness of cheerful young women also has its advantages, but a number of men feel attracted to the kindness, gentleness, and sensitivity of married women.

Many of them keep their work a secret from their husbands

Most married women hide the fact that they are working at sex clubs from their husbands. Normally in Japan, if you engage in sexual activities with a married woman, you run the risk of being sued by her husband. At sex clubs, however, there is no such risk.

These women tell their husbands that they have an office job, or some similar story. However, there is always a possibility that the husband will try to confirm whether or not they are actually working.

So that married women can comfortably work at such an establishment, some sex clubs partner with alibi companies. If a husband suddenly tries to contact his wife while at work, they will be greeted with a phrase like “This is ABC Corporation,” and the company will make an alibi so that it seems as though the girl is working at a normal place of business.

There are also some women who work sex club jobs, and are open about it to their husbands. Although rare, there are cases where the husband is very open-minded, and allows his wife to work at clubs.

Another case where such women can be open to husbands about their sex club job is when their spouse is actually a former client of theirs.

In this way, wife-only sex clubs generally employ genuinely married women and are safe to enjoy. Many men who begin visiting sex clubs find that, at first, it was fun to mess around with young, cute girls, but, after a number of experiences, they started to gravitate to married women. I highly recommend you experience the appeal of wife-only sex clubs for yourself.