The influence of online pornography on the Japanese sex industry


Japanese prostitutes have achieved wide acclaim. Overseas, people who do the kind of work that Japanese prostitutes do are often called “sex workers”. However, these are generally women who receive fairly low pay and have a very low social status.

In Japan, on the other hand, prostitution is known as a job that women do in order to earn a lot of money. Income varies from woman to woman, but a popular prostitute can earn about ¥‎2,000,000 per month. That kind of money is entirely out of reach for a typical office worker.

However, there are no longer many prostitutes who earn that much. With sex becoming increasingly cheaper these days, the value of female nudity has also become lower.

While Japanese prostitutes still do not work in the same poor conditions as overseas sex workers, they are nevertheless compelled by necessity to live a humbler life. In other words, the idea that prostitution is a job that allows women to easily rake in money is already an anachronism.

Why has female nudity become so cheap?

In any somewhat developed society, it is standard practice for women to cover themselves with some amount of clothing rather than go around naked. That means that anyone wanting to see a naked woman had to spend time making advances towards her.

Making advances necessarily involves buying the woman a certain amount of gifts and meals. A man can end up spending a significant sum of money before he finally gets to see the woman naked.

Of course one can get to see a naked woman without much effort by going to a brothel. However, these places obviously involve spending money as well.

The development of the internet, however, has caused the amount of available porn to increase explosively. At one point, images were the only kind of pornography on offer on the internet. Today, however, it is possible to view high-quality video as well.

The problem is that this pornographic content can be viewed for free. Most of these free online videos are scenes ripped from commercially published porn movies, meaning that viewing them is also illegal.

The internet has created an age in which seeing naked women has become very easy. There is no need whatsoever to spend any money at all.

In other words, there are no more hurdles towards seeing female nudity.

The decline of the sex industry as a consequence of internet pornography

Today, men all over the world can sate their sexual desires to some degree by viewing internet pornography. Sexual desire is of course very strong, so it is probably difficult to slake one’s thirst with internet pornography alone. However, the spread of the internet has caused passion for sex to decrease considerably.

In conjunction with this, the number of men visiting brothels has decreased as well. Only those men who slip through the dragnet of internet pornography still make use of the sex industry, and there are few of those.

It should come as no surprise that prostitutes’ income has taken a hit. Because a whole category of men who used to frequent brothels have stopped coming entirely, pay across the industry has decreased for most workers involved.

Lower incomes mean different lifestyles for prostitutes. Few now fritter away all their earnings. More and more women lead a very humble life, choosing instead to invest their money in themselves or in saving for the future.

Of course there are still self-indulgent individuals who do waste all their income. However, they do this not because they are prostitutes. It is more likely that such people were predisposed towards such life choices from the start.

In any case, the days that a woman could earn money simply by displaying some nudity are now over. A prostitute’s success now depends on how much effort she puts into differentiating herself from other prostitutes.

Women try to differentiate themselves in a variety of ways. While some try to specialize in one particular kind of sexual service, others put all their energy into offering clients a comfortable and cozy experience.

With the slump in business being what it is, good looks alone are not enough anymore; clients see beauty as a given. Women need something more to set themselves apart. It is not easy to survive as a prostitute these days. Clients, however, can now receive more high-quality service than before.