What should I talk to the girl about before we get started?


An important thing to keep in mind when you enter the shop is not to just dive headfirst into sex. Start with a bit of conversation. Remember, women consider mood-making important. You may both be a bit nervous at first, so spend a bit of time chatting to break the ice. Not jumping into the sex act right away also shows to girls that you have a relaxed, easy-going attitude. Girls like that in a man.

As a rule, girls at Japanese sex clubs treat responding with enjoyment to men’s advances as part of their work description. But is that enough for you? By engaging in some fun conversation and considering the mood as you go, you’ll leave a much better impression.

Which brings us to the next question: you know you should make conversation, but you don’t know where to start! Just what should you talk about? Let’s explore.

Casual conversation is fine. If you get stuck, talk about the weather

When chatting with a girl, a light-hearted, casual subject is fine. “It sure is hot today,” or “How are you doing?” are great. Try them and see how she reacts. Start with just a few small greetings and comments. These initial remarks will open the conversation in new directions.

If you still find yourself stuck, remember this simple trick: talk about the weather. The key to conversation is finding things you have in common. While the weather is about as light-hearted as it can get, it’s something everyone has in common. Use this as a lever to get your foot in the door.

Make no mistake, we all know that the girls don’t really care about the weather. But if you make this effort, many girls will appreciate how you’re trying to pave the way for conversation, instead of just awkwardly sitting in silence. Once you make this effort, the girl will open up with her own subjects of conversation. It’s a bit like a game of catch, and your chat will grow from there.

Compliment her clothes

One excellent technique is complimenting her clothes and accessories. Trust me, girls will not be displeased in the slightest if you tell them, “Your outfit is really cute” or, “You look nice today.”

Everyone loves praise. When a girl receives a compliment, she is apt to relax and open up in conversation with you. She might tell you a funny story about something that happened to her. If you see an opening for a compliment, go for it.

However, keep your compliments gentlemanly. Innuendo-filled comments that reveal your true intentions are in poor taste and will leave a bad impression. Just make a light, positive compliment.

Not only does this grease the wheels of conversation, but it’s likely to improve the service you get. Girls like to pull out all the stops for guys they take a liking to.

Next-level conversation: incorporate jokes, gossip, and innuendo

If you master how to incorporate jokes, gossip, and innuendo into your conversations, they will be much smoother and more enjoyable.

One type of joke you could use is flattering her and then using a back-handed compliment. For example: “That’s a cute blouse. I really like the tag sticking out.” However, if you don’t frame this clearly as a joke, the girl may be shocked and take it as a rude insult.

Since you are, after all, at a Japanese sex club, innuendo works wonders. “Wow, look at the size of your knockers. But my own equipment is no slouch, either!” Incorporate some innuendo in your jokes to loosen up the mood.

You can also try romantic gossip. However, asking a girl about her own romantic life is off-limits. You should stick to your own life and allow the girl to insert her own comments or jokes here and there. Try subjects that will be familiar to her: “A female friend of mine has started going to those clubs with male entertainers. Do you ever go to those?” Girls love to talk about romantic gossip no matter the occasion – and that includes those working at sex clubs.

This conversation will loosen up the mood and get you both ready for a good time. If you are a skinflint and try to cut the conversation short or skip it altogether in order to “max out” your time for sex, it will end poorly. It’s better to devote some time to talk and some to sex; the latter will improve. Try the examples above to open up to and communicate with your girl before the action.