Dangers that prospective clients of the sex industry need to be aware of


The sex industry is a place of entertainment that has its hazard along with its pleasures. Brothels function in a social gray zone to begin with, and there are some things that every prospective client has to be aware of.

Clients must be particularly careful of how they comport themselves towards prostitutes. A client may think that his behavior does not cross any lines, but if a brothel disagrees, it may decide to blacklist the client. In the worst-case scenario, someone whose name ends up on a blacklist may get pressured by gangs.

Another thing to pay attention to is the age of a prostitute. A well-meaning client may end up engaging with an underage prostitute who made a false statement about her age in order to get work at a brothel. In such cases, the client may run afoul of child pornography laws. If a particular prostitute is of bad character, a client also risks theft or assault.

These are the kinds of unexpected pitfalls a client may encounter in the sex industry. In most of these cases, claiming ignorance will not get a client out of a bad spot, so it is essential to take some preventive measures.

Why do clients get blacklisted?

A blacklist is a list of clients whom a brothel considers troublemakers. Clients who end up on a blacklist will be unable to obtain any further services from the establishment in question. Whenever they contact the establishment, they will be told that none of the women working there have any free slots available. It will be virtually impossible for these clients to get service from that establishment again.

Not only that; establishments also circulate blacklists among themselves. Someone who finds himself refused at multiple brothels should probably assume that his name is on a blacklist.

The most common reason for blacklisting a client is rape of a prostitute. Clients who misbehave by forcing a prostitute into sex acts other than those that were agreed upon are blacklisted immediately.

Clients who harass prostitutes with persistent attempts at courtship are also blacklisted, even if they do not commit outright rape. When a client attempts to court a prostitute, it is up to her to refuse or to let the courtship take its course. However, when attempts at courtship escalate into intimidation, the client will be treated as a security risk.

Most clients experience the sex industry only in the form of one-on-one encounters with prostitutes. That means they have no frame of reference for judging whether their behavior is abnormal or not. It is important for clients to remain calm and not let themselves be guided by sexual arousal alone.

Watch out for prostitutes who misrepresent their age

A woman must be at least 18 if she wants to become a prostitute. If anyone younger than 18 works in the sex industry, there is potential for violating child pornography laws.

A client who engages with a prostitute who has misrepresented her age will be accused of criminal behavior. The girl in question would get off with a warning only, because the law sees minors as beings who must be protected.

Because Japanese law is lenient towards minors, it is not unheard of for high school girls to blackmail adult men.

Prostitutes with intellectual disabilities

In recent years, there have been problems related to women with mild intellectual disabilities working in the sex industry.

Some look at the situation from a humanitarian perspective and argue that allowing intellectually disabled people to work in the sex industry is a violation of human rights. Unsurprisingly, people who make such claims are often people who have a low opinion of the sex industry in general. However, it is true that public opinion tends to be on their side.

It must be emphasized that the employment of people with intellectual disabilities has few advantages either for the operators of brothels, or for those who visit them.

For instance, what if a prostitute with an intellectual disability works as a dominatrix? Depending on the amount of force involved, SM scenes can leave participants with significant damage to their bodies. Even during other kinds of sex play, clients must be able to trust that a prostitute will not use too much force on them.

Operators of brothels also want to do everything in their power to avoid anything happening to their clients.

Still, it is true that there are some stores who employ prostitutes with barely noticeable intellectual disabilities. This is a problem that needs more scrutiny, for humanitarian reasons and to reduce risk for clients and sex business owners.

If someone’s name ends up on a blacklist, people are apt to think of that person as a rather deviant character. However, being blacklisted can happen to anyone if they do not behave. It may be difficult to avoid some dangerous situations, such as a prostitute who lies about her age. However, clients should do whatever they can to avoid being blacklisted.