Make sure you look and smell nice for the club girls


Before going to a sex club, take a moment to ask yourself whether or not you will turn off the club girls. Of course there’s no need to make yourself so attractive that it seems as though you are trying to get the girls to fall in love with you. What I want to say here is that if a club girl feels uncomfortable with you, there’s no way either of you will have a pleasant experience.

Think about it. What if the girl you selected had horrible breath and excess hair all over her body? Other than some individuals with exotic tastes, most people would feel that they had screwed up.

It works the same from the girl’s perspective. You can say it’s their job, but they are about to perform a sexual act on you. It’s difficult to provide dedicated sexual service when your partner is being completely inconsiderate.

Men who can show that ordinary level of respect will be treated by club girls as ordinary customers. And, if you are an ordinary customer, you can rise up in the ranks of her favorite customers by showing additional considerations.

Specifically, you should pay attention to your appearance and body odor. These considerations play a main role in producing a feeling of cleanliness. If you can cover these points, your girl will not make any faces at you.

Points of caution regarding appearance

As mentioned before, you don’t have to go about choosing fashionable clothes to the point you’re trying to make a club girl fall in love with you. At many sex clubs, you’re just going to be taking them off anyway, so trying to be fashionable won’t accomplish much.

The importance of appearance is when you meet the club girl for the first time. Your first impression will hold a great deal of importance with her. If you can manage to not leave an unclean impression at that point, you’ve accomplished your goal.

Cheap, simple clothing is not a problem at all. However, clothing you would only wear at home such as T-shirts with beat-up necks and jerseys are an issue. If you’re wearing clothing that shouldn’t be worn outside, not only do you look unkempt, but your common sense will also be brought into question. If you’re on your way back from work, suits are fine. However, you should not wear your suit in a way that would normally be thought of as odd or untidy.

The point is that, when you know you will be going to a sex club, you should wear clean, well-kept clothing and manage your hair. If you can manage this, simple clothing will be effective, and even leave a favorable image. Even a reasonably new hoodie bought at a cheap clothing store and decent sneakers are enough.

A portion of men believe that “unclean = wild = hot.” However, this usually only works within the male ego. To leave a good image with women, you need to have a clean appearance.

Points of caution regarding body odor

Not paying attention to body odor because you will be bathing at the sex club is also an issue. You are still going out to meet people, and saying that you didn’t bathe because you couldn’t be bothered to do so is rude.

If you have time before heading out to a sex club, you should bathe yourself first. If you don’t have time, you should use alcohol wipes, etc. to wipe areas such as your groin, neck, and underarms to remove odor.

You should also be careful of mouth odors. The best way to prevent bad breath is obviously by brushing your teeth. If you don’t have time to brush, chewing gum, mints, or keeping hydrated to prevent dry mouth are all effective measures. If you’re worried about smells coming up from your stomach, odor-eliminating tablets that directly act on the stomach work well.

If you are a smoker, it can be difficult to avoid cigarettes when you haven’t had one in a while. But you should do your best to wait until after the service to enjoy your cigarette.

Appearance and odor are important conditions that greatly affect your first image. The club girls will give dedicated service to men that leave them with a good impression. Please use the above information to avoid leaving an unfavorable impression with your partner.