What happens if someone misbehaves in a brothel?


A brothel sees customers of all possible backgrounds and inclinations. Most clients are perfectly normal people who abide by the rules, have a good time, and then go home. However, there are also clients who break the rules.

The most common infractions are attempts to force a prostitute into penetrative sex, and violent behavior towards prostitutes or other staff. When a client misbehaves in such ways, brothels will deal with them severely.

Many brothels demand that clients pay fines

When a client tries to force himself on a prostitute or behaves in a violent manner, many brothels punish that client with a fine. This fine is essentially to compensate the brothel for the damages caused by the client.

When a client has forced a woman into penetrative sex, the consequences are often more severe, since the woman often suffers lasting effects from such an attack. Depending on the woman, she may be unable to have sessions with clients. Some have very strong reactions even when a client has simply hit them on the shoulder too forcefully.

In some cases, the woman will be unable to continue working for the brothel. This could be a great loss for the brothel, especially if the woman was one of their most popular prostitutes. Some very popular prostitutes earn their brothels between ¥2,000,000 and ¥3,000,000 per month. If such a woman leaves after being attacked by a client, the brothel loses out on tens of millions of yen of revenue that she could have brought in if she had stayed on for a few more years.

Fines for damages differ from establishment to establishment. However, fines between ¥500,000 and ¥1,000,000 are common. Many clients who commit illegal behavior inside a brothel cannot pay that amount of money on the spot. In that case, a brothel will present the client with a legally binding out-of-court settlement document.

Misbehaving clients are of course banned from the brothel

Obviously, a client who commits illegal behavior in a brothel will be banned from that establishment. This kind of ban is called dekin” (“banishment”). The staff will take a copy of the client’s driver’s license or employee ID card, and they will also take a photo of the client. With this information, the staff can identify the client and make sure that everyone who works at that brothel knows that the client is banned.

In busy city centers especially, it is not uncommon for many clients to walk into a brothel at the same time. Men who are banned from that establishment might try to hide in the crowd, in the hope that they will not be recognized. However, every client will eventually be dealt with on an individual basis, so the staff is bound to recognize a banned client who tries to sneak in.

Some brothels in larger cities like Tokyo and Osaka also take a copy of a banned client’s employee ID card and display it on the wall of their waiting room, with private details covered. If the banned client works for a well-known company, anyone who looks at the card will be able to tell where that man works, even if the company name is covered up.

When things get out of hand, gangs or the police may get involved

Most of the time, the brothel staff can deal with clients who commit criminal behavior. The manager of the brothel takes whatever measures must be taken, and no one calls the police. This is because brothels technically operate in a legal gray area in Japan.

There are licensed and unlicensed brothels. The licensed establishments operate with the permission of the police. Unlicensed brothels, however, do not have official permission to conduct business. A brothel may be unlicensed because it provides services that are illegal, such as penetrative intercourse. Prostitution that involves penetrative sex is illegal in Japan.

While some licensed brothels sometimes do contact the police for help in solving disputes, the unlicensed brothels are where clients are most likely to get in serious trouble.

For example, while some unlicensed brothels do permit intercourse, sometimes a male client is so repulsive to a prostitute that she refuses to let him penetrate her. Some of these clients get so angry at being refused that they become violent towards the women.

Because unlicensed brothels operate outside of the law, they cannot call the police to deal with that kind of trouble.

When a situation gets so out of hand that the staff cannot deal with it any longer, an unlicensed brothel may call a gang for help. Brothels in Japan usually try their best to keep their involvement with criminal gangs to a minimum, but they may call upon one as a last resort. How a gang decides to deal with a troublesome brothel client depends on the situation. In some cases, they might even inflict violence upon the client.

It should be clear by now that men who break brothel rules and mistreat prostitutes can face very grave consequences. Such clients might consider themselves lucky to get off with no more than a fine. If the client has a family, his family members are very likely to notice the disappearance of a large amount of money. This can get the client into even more trouble. For instance, his wife might want to divorce him.

Many brothel clients are men who deal with a lot of stress in their daily lives, and visit prostitutes to have an outlet for all that tension. However, some of these men let stress relief devolve into violence. Be very careful to follow a brothel’s rules at all times.