Behavior that is not allowed in brothels


There are some rules clients have to abide by when visiting a brothel. Some male clients get caught up in their emotions and display unacceptable behavior towards prostitutes. These clients get reprimanded, and if the situation warrants it, the brothel might even call the police.

It would be a great shame if you were to get yourself in this kind of trouble, when you simply came to have a good time with a girl. All brothel clients should familiarize themselves with the rules beforehand, be courteous at all times while actually inside the brothel, and follow the rules while in the company of their chosen woman.

Exchanging contact details with prostitutes

It is essentially forbidden for a client and a prostitute to exchange contact information.

Sometimes, men who begin to frequent brothels discover a particular woman whom they really like. A number of men even become smitten with a woman they have only just met and not even really interacted with. Men have a tendency to feel drawn to women for no reason except that a woman looks like their type. When they then get a chance to enjoy sex and conversation with that woman, some men end up developing strong feelings for her.

Such clients may feel tempted to ask a prostitute for her contact information, because they want a chance to deepen their relationship with her. However, pressing a prostitute for her contact details will often cause the male staff of the establishment to intervene. Do not try to ask for contact information, no matter how much you think you like a particular woman.

However, a prostitute might offer to exchange contact information herself. This is very rare and occurs only when the brothel allows its employees to do so. If a prostitute takes the initiative to exchange contact information, you may do so.

For example, I myself once developed feelings for a woman I had been seeing in a brothel, and spoke with her about them. After numerous visits, the woman herself proposed that we exchange contact information.

Penetration during sex in a Japanese brothel

Possibly the one cardinal rule of any brothel visit in Japan is that clients are not allowed to have actual intercourse with prostitutes during a session. Intercourse means attempting to penetrate the woman’s vagina. Over the course of a session, a client may get very aroused and develop an overwhelming desire to penetrate the woman he is with. However, actually trying this is strictly prohibited.

As a matter of fact, this is true whether the client is meeting a prostitute in a brothel or elsewhere. When a client tries this in a brothel, however, the reaction will be immediate and strong. What actually happens will depend on the brothel, but clients can get be slapped with a fine, receive a very stern reprimand by the brothel’s male staff, be reported to the police, or even be banned from the brothel entirely.

Clients should watch themselves especially closely around the time when they feel like they have gotten used to how a brothel works. This is when they are especially likely to slip up and try something that crosses a line, because they mistakenly think that they now know all about what is allowed and what not.

However, the people who work at brothels may react to problems in ways that clients do not expect.  Crossing a line in a brothel could have much more severe consequences than, for instance, making a mistake at one’s own place of work. Clients should be very careful to behave appropriately at all times.

An exception to all the above are the brothels called “soaplands”. Having actual intercourse with a prostitute is illegal in Japan, so most brothels forbid it. However, soaplands generally permit any kind of sexual activity during a session, and pretend not to notice when a client chooses to have intercourse with his chosen woman.

Taking photos or video without consent

Most brothels also forbid clients from taking pictures of prostitutes, or videotaping them without their knowledge or consent. Photographing a prostitute’s face, or trying to take a picture without her knowledge, is particularly unacceptable. However, there are some brothels that let clients purchase the right to take pictures, as a kind of added option. Simply follow the rules set out by the establishment.

The prohibition against taking pictures can be traced back to the widespread use of the internet. There is a serious chance that any pictures a client takes will end up online. Prostitutes have a right to privacy, and brothels have to protect their employees–hence the “no pictures” rule.

Some particularly malicious clients even try to bring a camera hidden in their bag, so they can make a video of their session with a prostitute. The idea of having pictures or a video might appeal to men who use these materials for masturbation purposes, or who like to pretend that they are actors in a porn movie. However, taking photos or videos is strictly prohibited in Japanese brothels.

Asking about private topics

Asking questions about private topics is also forbidden in Japanese brothels. Many of the women do not like to talk about their private lives and will dodge any questions about it. Men who are new to the world of Japanese brothels often ask overly private questions by accident. While this is a faux pas, prostitutes will often overlook the transgression if the client is not being too pushy.

However, if a client does persist in asking unwanted questions, the woman may call for help from the brothel’s male staff and the client may get in trouble.

A prostitute’s work obliges her to interact with a large number of men every day. These men come from all walks of life and all kinds of circumstances, and there is always the possibility that one of them turns into a stalker. Prostitutes have to avoid giving such people enough information that they will be able to follow the woman around. That is why questions about overly private topics are forbidden.

The work of a prostitute always comes with a certain amount of danger. When talking with a prostitute, it is best to just keep to uncontroversial topics and simply enjoy the simulated love affair while the session lasts.

These are the kinds of behavior that clients should avoid when visiting a Japanese brothel. All of this will be old news to veteran brothel clients, but it never hurts to double-check that you are aware of all the rules. Beginners who would like to start visiting brothels should make very sure that they know what is allowed, and what is not.