Six things you should never do in a brothel


There are rules of etiquette to be followed when you visit a Japanese brothel and interact with prostitutes. A brothel exists to make men’s dreams come true, but a client who does not mind his manners will end up thoroughly disliked by the prostitutes. If you try to ask for a woman who secretly dislikes you, the brothel may brush you off with excuses about her being on leave or somesuch.

Let us take a look at six things you should never do in a brothel. These behaviors are not actually illegal, but you should still take care to avoid them. You will have a better time at Japanese brothels if you follow these simple rules.

Avoid non-stop grumbling or bragging

When you meet a prostitute for a session, you will probably speak with her for a little bit before moving on to business. If you try to initiate sex without even a few moments of conversation, the woman has no time to mentally prepare for the session and the atmosphere will remain quite flat.

Some idle gossip or a few romantic words will set the mood quite nicely. However, do avoid complaining about things or bragging about yourself. If you complain about your work to a prostitute, she will probably not like you for it. Hearing such things will make the woman feel as unhappy as you are feeling.

You may be visiting the brothel in order to relieve yourself of work stress, but sex is better stress relief than complaining at someone.

Bragging about yourself is not as negative and unpleasant as complaining, but there are still many women who do not like to hear men boast. You can talk about yourself a little bit, but if you make the entire conversation about how wonderful you are, the woman will tire of you very quickly and the mood will be ruined. It is best to just show some restraint.

Do not complain about the brothel to the prostitute

Some male clients tell the prostitutes when they are unhappy with some aspect of the brothel. A client who pays should be given satisfactory service—no one will deny that. However, if you complain endlessly to a prostitute instead of addressing the staff of the brothel, like you should, the woman will end up feeling bad.

You should also keep in mind that the prostitute is an employee of the brothel. If you badmouth the establishment to her, you are indirectly badmouthing the woman herself right to her face. Listening to clients and trying to understand their feelings is part of a prostitute’s job description. She will do her best to listen to your concerns, but if you spend a long time telling her about the things you are unhappy with, she will end up feeling quite cross. This will have a negative effect on the quality of the session, so be careful not to complain too much.

Do not bring presents constantly

Some men who frequent brothels like to give presents to their favorite prostitutes. Prostitutes are generally happy to receive presents, but if you bring too many, the woman might begin to feel afraid.

It is best to give only small gifts, and only every now and then. Refrain from frequently bringing expensive gifts, or gifts that clearly imply ulterior motives. If the woman starts suspecting that you are a stalker, you may suddenly find yourself unable to book any sessions with her.

Do not book the same prostitute extremely often

Just like with expensive presents, getting very frequent bookings from the same client can make a prostitute feel frightened. Prostitutes are generally flattered when a client requests them personally, but there are some men who ask for the same woman ten times or more in the space of only one month. That frequency is quite alarming for a prostitute. It is better to ask for the same woman no more than once per week at the most.

When a client makes frequent visits to the same brothel, the establishment’s male staff will start remembering his face. Clients who visit alarmingly often may find themselves unable to book their favorite woman, unable to see the woman even if they show up without a reservation, or even barred from the brothel entirely.

Do not fall asleep in the middle of a session

Prostitutes do not like it when clients fall asleep during a session. Especially in soaplands, where sessions are longer, clients occasionally exhaust themselves and nod off. The prostitute has no idea what to do in that situation.

It is also not unheard of for clients to drink alcohol before they arrive at the brothel, then fall asleep in the middle of a session. Take care not to drink too much right before heading to a brothel, so you can enjoy the entire session while awake and aware.

Do not constantly give the prostitute instructions about what you want

There are men who like to spend an entire session giving their prostitute instructions about what they want them to do or what sex acts they want to try next. These are usually men who like to take charge in their relationships with women. However, acting like this toward a prostitute makes her feel like she is being used as a machine.

A session at a brothel should consist of give and take between a man and a woman. Letting the session flow naturally is better than unilaterally taking charge of it.

It should be clear that there are some kinds of behavior you should not engage in in Japanese brothels, even if they are not strictly prohibited. The staff may berate you for them, or even take measures to punish you. Be careful especially if there is a particular prostitute you like a lot, because then it is easier to slip and do something you should not.